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Shipping giant and IIRSM announce partnership

International shipping specialists DFDS Seaways plc and professional body for risk managers IIRSM today announced a partnership to ‘lead risk management best practice to new levels’.

DFDS is the busiest shipping company of its kind in Northern Europe and one of the busiest in Europe. Headquartered in Copenhagen, DFDS has 10,000 employees in 21 countries.

DFDS UK and Ireland comprises ferry, logistics, cold chain transport, passenger and channel shoreside. Its port at Immingham and Grimsby is the UK’s largest by tonnage (59m tonnes imported each year) and is the fourth busiest port in Europe.

DFDS Seaways Director of Health, Safety and Security Steve Price said: “DFDS Seaways plc are pleased to partner IIRSM by utilising the knowledge and experience of many industry professionals worldwide to help DFDS improve on risk management processes.

“We aim to be a leader in our field, and share our experiences with IIRSM, and with our business units across the globe. This is a great opportunity to support each other and lead risk management best practice to new levels of success.”

IIRSM’s members manage risks in all their forms, including risks to health and safety at work and global supply chains.

IIRSM CEO Phillip Pearson said: “The safe management of our transport networks, including shipping, are critical to the world economy. This is why we are very pleased to be entering into a partnership with such a leader in shipping.

“DFDS is a hugely important company, employing thousands of people worldwide, so we and our members will do whatever we can to support Steve and his team.”

For more information about DFDS, visit its website here.

For more information about IIRSM partnerships, visit the IIRSM website here.

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