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A New Year message from our Co-Presidents

We couldn't let January pass us by without a New Year message from our history-making Co-Presidents. So here it is, short and sweet, from Ruth Denyer and Callum Irvine.

Ruth said: “I hope 2022 is the year that we look back on as the year we discovered things that surprised us. Curiosity may have killed the proverbial cat but we are not feline and it breathes life and relevance into what we all do.  

“I would love us all to be deeply curious during 2022, asking really great questions and being open to ideas.  This way we will learn more to inform what we are thinking about and how we approach supporting our organisations in understanding and managing risks.”

Callum said: “Our colleagues and peers in China will welcome 2022 as the Year of the Tiger – brave, competitive, confident and with great levels of willpower. These sound like good ingredients that all of us can check the stock cupboard for.

“If I had to pluck out one of these traits for the risk profession, I’d choose ‘bravery’.

“Many of us are well used to demonstrating bravery in being the (unapologetic) guardians of the organisation’s risk appetite and holding up the mirror to colleagues during decision making processes. Maybe 2022 is the year that more of us can leverage our well-trained ‘bravery muscles’ to try something new – daring to fail, but always learning and improving as a result.”

From Ruth, Callum and all of us at IIRSM, we wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year. 

#BeBrave #BeCurious

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