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Global safety leaders join forces for new bursary

Two global leaders in safety today [Wednesday, 18 August 2021] launched a brand new initiative to support the careers of new risk and safety professionals in five developing nations in Africa and south Asia.

The One Percent Safer Bursary, a collaboration between the charitable foundation One Percent Safer and IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management), is open to applications from Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, India and Pakistan.

Successful applicants to the scheme will be given free membership at Affiliate level of IIRSM, giving them access to 

  • New mentoring platform
  • Professional development seminars and workshops
  • Risk and safety webinars
  • Information hub
  • Risk portal
  • Local branch meetings
  • Digital copy of IIRSM Magazine, The Sentinel

The beginning and end of the scheme will be marked by virtual events, bringing together the successful applicants.

The 100 memberships have been funded by One Percent Safer, which was launched in 2020 to cut the number of lives lost because of work-related injuries and illness.

One Percent Safer Chairman Prof Dr Andrew Sharman said: “If we’re to save more lives at work, we must have more risk and safety professionals with the right skills and knowledge to lead the way. So we’re delighted to be partnering with IIRSM to launch The One Percent Safer Bursary

“IIRSM is a renowned body for risk and safety professionals and membership will give our successful applicants access to first class services to sharpen their risk and safety management skills.”

IIRSM is an educational charity and professional body for those managing risk and safety. It provides practical education, training, advice, networking and resources to help people and organisations manage risk and safety, make good decisions and be more resilient.

IIRSM CEO Phillip Pearson said: “The idea behind One Percent Safer, that together we can a big difference to safety at work through small, achievable steps, is a concept all IIRSM members can embrace. Becoming a IIRSM member can be one such step, giving you the opportunity to have more of a positive impact on how safety and risk is managed in your organisation.

“IIRSM supports One Percent Safer and is delighted to be working with the foundation to give more opportunities to risk and safety professionals. And we’re very much looking forward to welcoming the first bursary recipients into our membership.” 

For more information on how to apply for The One Percent Safer Bursary, visit . Closing date for applications is 01 November 2021.


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