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Changes to OSHCR

OSHCR is the only HSE-backed source of assured, independent, consultancy OSH advice and members are advised below about some changes to the way it is managed.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) will be taking over management of the register with immediate effect.  IIRSM, along with others, will continue to provide oversight and advice via the reformed Advisory Group.

IOSH will be investing in raising the profile of OSHCR, helping to ensure that it is known for providing access to a valuable source of. credible, independent OSH professionals.

We will write to all IIRSM members who are already on OSHCR to explain the changes in more detail.

To move both the standard and reputation of OSH professionals forward in the UK we need a collaborative approach which retains the support of key stakeholders such as the HSE and other like-minded organisations.   This is a hugely positive step for not only the profession, but also OSHCR and our own organisation. We are now part of the OSHCR Advisory Committee which gives us a space at the table with similar organisations as well as the HSE.

As opportunities to influence the profession go, I’m sure you’ll agree, we now have a great foundation to do so.

A two-year consultation has revealed that UK based SMEs are still in need of OSHCR and that the brand reputation is still strong. As part of the new OSHCR Advisory Committee we will be helping to shape the proposition. This is a real tangible opportunity to position our members who trade as consultants, or who are thinking of doing so, onto a register that is gathering lots of positive momentum.


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