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Memoranda of Understanding

IIRSM works in partnership with like minded organisations and seeks out opportunities that support its membership, help to meet its educational aims or benefits the profession more widely.

To this end, we have Memoranda of Understanding with the following organisations:


Association for Project Safety (APS)

Purpose: To promote the improved awareness and understanding of construction related health and safety risks and their management.


Campbell Institute

Purpose:  Campbell Institute and IIRSM are committed to promoting the values, mission and vision of each organisation and supporting each other's work.


International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM)

Purpose:  The organisations will undertake joint and individual promotion and support of each other's activities and membership opportunities.


Korea Occupational Health and Safety Agency (KOSHA)

Purpose: Providing mutual support for campaigns and activities that benefit the profession.


Safety Groups UK

Purpose: To work closely to promote awareness of both organisations with the aim of enhancing health and safety in the workplace; open access to the branch meetings of each organisation for members.


United Arab Emirates Ministry of Labour

Purpose: Work together to carry out research and development related to safety law, occupational health and risk management in the UAE.  Support development of best practice and assist in education and awareness of health and safety in the UAE.


Safety First OPC

Purpose: IIRSM and Safety First will work together to promote improved awareness and understanding of business risk management, construction and general health and safety in Qatar.  In particular, we will collaborate over knowledge sharing, supporting the objectives of QNV2030 and develop relevant products and services.


Ministry of Defence

Purpose: IIRSM and MoD have an agreement to embody MoD courses with IIRSM Membership levels and promote membership of IIRSM to their systems security personnel.


Prefabricated Access Suppliers' & Manufacturers' Association Ltd (PASMA)

Purpose:  To provide additional benefit to their respective memberships and to work closely in the provision of training and opportunities for OHS professionals.



Purpose: To develop new risk education opportunities for existing and aspiring health, safety and risk professionals.


New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM)

Purpose: To promote and collaborate on the improved awareness and understanding of occupational health and safety risks and their management.


Institute of Directors-Ghana

Purpose: To exchange the best and latest practices in areas related to risk management, safety and health and accident prevention and promote the concept of risk, safety and health through awareness programmes, and participating in seminars, workshops and conferences.


Abu Dhabi University 

Purpose: To enhance academic cooperation and exchange of expertise and knowledge between the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM) and Abu Dhabi University.