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IIRSM Expertise

IIRSM collaborates with risk management experts worldwide to provide valuable information and resources for our members


IIRSM works with members and partners to share risk management expertise with our global community of risk professionals in a number of ways. These include our our magazine, The Sentinel, and our Member Resource Hub.

Our Member Resource Hub contains a library of IIRSM resources to support our members' professional development. 

Members can gain access with their IIRSM login details and browse or search for content, as well as contribute to thought leadership within our community, subject to IIRSM approval.

Technical content in the Hub is mapped against our competence framework to help give you clear guidance on how to enhance your knowledge, skills and understanding on all aspects of risk management.

Click the tabs on this page for tasters of the types of resources a risk professional can use by becoming a IIRSM member.

If you're a IIRSM member, you can use your member details to access the Member Resource Hub here.