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IIRSM is an educational charity and professional body for those managing risk in all its forms.  

Delivering public benefit

As an educational charity, public benefit is at the heart of the Institute’s strategy and is integral to all of our activities. We deliver this by:

• Working for greater public understanding of how effective risk management builds resilience

• Promoting discussion and debate via our regional networks, social media channels and events

• Publishing and distributing information on key risk topics via The Sentinel, with the support of our Technical Network

• Recognising and rewarding best practice through our Risk Excellence Awards

• Providing technical support helplines to members to support them in their workplaces

• Delivering free webinars and resources to members and the public

• Actively engaging with legislators, regulators and administrators around risk competence

• Developing an educational and ethical framework to educate the risk leaders of the future

• Working with other like-minded professional bodies specialising in complimentary professions to ensure a wider knowledge of the importance of risk management.

Our Members

Membership of IIRSM is by recognised qualification and competence. We support our members throughout their careers, providing assistance through our London-based head office and networks across the UK and worldwide.

How we work

At IIRSM, our approach does not involve the ‘risk jargon’ used by some. Everything we do is grounded in our members’ practical experience.

We take an holistic view, always starting with the biggest threats and opportunities faced by your organisation, rather than what may be the issue of the day in the media.

And finally, we are truly independent: we aren’t just health, safety and environment people, nor are we simply experts in quality, insurance, financial services, cyber security nor governance, compliance and audit.

Instead, we work with the very best in all these fields – and more – to bring integrated and disciplined risk decision making to your organisation.


IIRSM is first and foremost a community of individuals. We are united around a common desire to use risk management techniques to make better decisions in business, both in operations but also strategically too.

Effective risk management is about skilfully using the right tools and techniques at the right time. It’s also about people – building their competence, capturing hearts and minds, and leading well. 

It’s about informed decision making, from developing strategy, making projects happen, and also the many day to day decisions made across your business. It’s neither something new nor complicated, nor is it separate from running your business. Risk management helps you ask the right questions, assess the answers and make better decisions.


Working with employers

All businesses have always taken risks to achieve rewards. Today though, with Covid-19, climate change, constant technological evolution and the battle for economic survival and growth, this has never been truer, nor more challenging.

IIRSM can work with your organisation and your teams to help optimise risk taking, whilst protecting you from less positive outcomes. Our approach is a driver for survival, growth and resilience in business.

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Working with supporters

We work with supporters who are aligned with our charitable aims of educating and advancing risk management capability.  We provide value and education through these partners whilst helping them to raise their profile and demonstrate their expertise amongst our global network.

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Partnering in education

At IIRSM, we are real believers in the value of working in partnership to improve risk management capability and personal impact and support those starting out on a career in risk.

To find out how universities and educational bodies can work with us, to bring extra value and services to your students, click here.