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We are changing

IIRSM has been reviewing the strategy implemented in 2016 to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and helps us to meet the needs of our members and the business community.  As part of that process we have looked at the way in which we work to see how we can modernise our approach and deliver greater value to our members.  We believe we are stronger together and are committed to building an active and supportive network which utilises more effectively the expertise within our membership. 

Being competent in risk management applies equally to health and safety professionals as to other risk disciplines and IIRSM will provide support, guidance and training to help its members build their skills and influence in whichever discipline they work.  To support your career aspirations and allow you to share your knowledge and skills with others, we want to increase the level of local networking, education and resources available and to offer more opportunities for you to get involved. 

To facilitate this, we are moving away from traditional ways of working and changing the way we operate at local level.  We are replacing our formal committee structure with working groups and panels focussed on core activities and initiatives.  This will enable more members to participate in the work of the Institute and provide greater opportunities for professional development.

Get involved

If you’d like to work alongside the many members already involved with the Institute, in any of the roles below, or would like to help to organise a networking/learning event in your area please get in touch.  Time commitments will vary and face-to-face participation will not be necessary in many instances.

Fellowship assessment panel

This panel will be responsible for assessing Fellowship applications, responding to and mentoring applicants and approving petitions.

Ethics and member conduct panel

This panel will be responsible for upholding IIRSM’s Code of Ethics.

Professional standards working group

Using their own knowledge and utilising the expertise available via the technical advisory network, this group will identify topics and trends across industry and the profession and be responsible for developing practical guidance, thought leadership and research.   

Emerging Risk Leaders network working group

This group is responsible for steering and evolving the network, ensuring that those within it are supported.  You can read more here.

Content and editorial panel

This group will be responsible for the review and continuous improvement of Insight magazine, advising on themes and contributors, and helping us to disseminate topical news stories via IIRSM social media.  You can read more here.

Regional networks working group

The regional networks working group will consist of representatives from each region and will help IIRSM to develop a programme of regional events each year, in partnership with local volunteers.  Additionally, they will be responsible for building local partnerships and helping to co-ordinate regional viewpoints on issues and challenges faced by the profession.  

Register your interest

To register your interest in any of the above, please email Clare Fleming.