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Thank you to our volunteers around the world. We couldn’t do it without you

It’s Volunteers’ Week from 1-7 June which gives us another chance to recognise the wonderful contribution IIRSM volunteers make to the Institute and to wider society.

During an exceptionally challenging year, IIRSM volunteers in our ever-growing networks worldwide have stepped up, providing networking and learning opportunities for fellow members and businesses in every sector of industry.

We know nothing beats face-to-face engagement, and we’re really looking forward to meeting up with you again when restrictions are lifted in your part of the world. But our networks have harnessed technology to ensure people remain engaged and connected.

They’ve gone online to share experiences and knowledge of the world of safety and risk management. But more than that, they’ve helped to keep our community together, talking to each other and maybe evening sharing a laugh or two through a difficult period of our personal and professional lives, sharing challenges and making friends.

And it’s not just those to work so hard to provide networking and CPD at local level who deserve recognition. We also thank our IIRSM ambassadors, our Trustees and committee memberss, our editorial and fellowship assessment panels and our mentors who all willingly give of their time to support the Institute and their peers.

As well as those in our membership, we have received incredible support from people in our business network who have provided expert insight during panel discussions, webinars and in writing for our member magazine, The Sentinel. 

And so, to everyone who has given their time to our Institute and to the wider profession of safety and risk managers in 2020-21, we salute you and thank you once again for being there for us. The contribution you have made in this most extraordinary of years has been priceless.

So what better way to mark Volunteers’ Week than to leave the last word to our volunteers.   Here are a few thoughts from a handful of volunteers from around our networks.


Volunteering with IIRSM Saudi helps me gain experience that I couldn't get elsewhere. In addition to this, I am building networks and interacting with other professionals in the field.” Abdullah El Ghamdi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia branch volunteer

I’m grateful for the learnings from others and hope that from sharing my own experiences I have been able to support others. There are many different ways in which people can become involved in the IIRSM and I’d highly recommend volunteering some of your time.”  Edel Corrigan, Republic of Ireland Branch member 

“I enjoy assisting with the KSA IIRSM Branch, helping out, giving presentations, passing on my experience and knowledge. It gives me a sense of achievement and reminds me how far I have come since  embarking on my personal career. There is nothing better that the feeling of satisfaction to know I am assisting others find their feet in the HSE world, or sharing experience and knowledge to others who are further along their HSE careers.”  William Poole, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia branch 

Volunteering has many benefits. It's psychologically satisfying engaging in work that has no direct financial benefits but feeds the spirit by doing good deeds. It gives back to the community and reflects well on the integrity and credibility of the person doing such deeds as the motive is not for profit or monetary gain. It identifies the person as a giver and more profound professional who dedicates his time for the betterment of the HSE profession and peoples' lives.” Husain Habib, Bahrain branch volunteer 

It was challenging to keep the team together during the pandemic across the world. We shifted the branch meetings to online platforms and are happy that the meetings are happening in a timely and effective manner. Myself and the other members are looking to add more skillful members to our team as it will help to share the knowledge, skills and experience to the younger group present in our committee.” .Depu Ravikumar, Qatar branch volunteer and Branch Chair

"Volunteering to support the iirsm regional networks is a great way to help shape the development of CPD and learning events within your region and the wider iirsm community.  Continuation of lifelong learning is a critical part of any professional career, especially for those who are in the business of managing risk on any level and within the boundaries of any subject.  IIRSM provides a framework to enable you to do just that and also showcase what's on in your region and the talent within it, whilst networking with like minded professionals.  The people I have met, whilst being part of the North East and Cumbria network, have not only widened my network of professionals, but helped me to broaden my own knowledge on a range of subjects."  Glenn Ridsdale, NE & Cumbria Regional Chair

"In our adult-run world, youth aren’t often asked for their opinions and ideas on how to address society’s greatest challenges. Yet a collective effort to reverse this trend is one of the most powerful steps we can take towards a tangibly better world. The fresh perspective young people bring to the world gives them a unique ability to think up creative solutions. Unconstrained by deep-rooted societal norms, youth can come up with ideas that would not have crossed the minds of more world-weary adults. These solutions may not always be practical, but they can uncover hidden assumptions and opportunities that illuminate new pathways forward. Young people are a limitless source of innovative energy, and engaging them now will inspire a generation of lifelong change-makers. So why don’t we invite them to join IIRSM today? Through my work on establishing a student section to engage directly with students, I was able to create a team of volunteers, graphic designers and writers, to work on Arabic membership promotional material, with the mission of creating a nation wide student community, where they would be given the platform to network, exchange creative ideas and give them the support they need to be successful in their future professional career. I chose to volunteer for IIRSM due to my believe in the value of teamwork, and being an active member of a multinational community. And when I saw an opportunity for me to volunteer for IIRSM, I had to make sure my application for the student membership was put in, and through how positively this decision has impacted me socially, I’m determined to encourage my colleagues and friends to engage and be connected." Rashid Qathami, KSA committee member and full time undergraduate chemical engineering student

At IIRSM you're more than a member.  You're part of who we are.