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Su Corrin FIIRSM

Meet Our Members

Su is Senior Health, Safety and Risk Manager, The Football Association

“I’m really proud of the positive health and safety cultures I have helped to create by developing good teams of advisors – and achieving IIRSM Fellowship!”

From broadcasting studios to football stadiums, Su Corrin has spent the past 20 years managing health and safety. Starting her career as a registered nurse gave her a good grounding, and her current role in the Football Association's health, safety and risk team means she spends her days leading a team of advisors to create and maintain a positive culture based on sensible risk management.

“No two days are the same,” says Su. “We can be working with the grounds team one day and managing concerts the next.” Her remit extends as far as providing advice on travel, driving, workstations, facilities management and fire, as well as being involved in construction works.

“Our health and safety management system is based on continuous improvement and is aligned with the business needs and objectives to ensure that the FA is seen as both a venue and employer of choice, while supporting the FA’s aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to play football.”

Su has carried out a lot of work to support disability football and volunteers at the FA’s Disability Cup which she describes as “an amazing experience”.

She’s also produced the FA Staff Wellbeing Strategy, which forms part of the Heads Up campaign – a partnership between the FA and Heads Together, the mental health charity. While the conversation around mental health has grown significantly in recent years, mental health problems remain one of the biggest killers of men under the age of 45, and so the FA’s football audience is a perfect pairing.

“With our new campaign, Heads Up, we want everyone to feel comfortable talking about their mental health, in the same way they would about football, and feel able to support their friends and families through difficult times.”

Watching as IIRSM’s profile continued to rise in the health, safety and risk arena, and following several recommendations from colleagues, Su decided to join the Institute after attending a number of events and speaking to Institute staff. “I think IIRSM has done a lot to change the traditional perception of health and safety and align itself with its members’ needs,” she says.

“IIRSM membership is a great way to shape your career path, maintain CPD while receiving the support and credibility from a professional organisation. It also gives you the opportunity to network and share best practice and help shape the future of the health and safety profession, which is really exciting.”

The best thing about being a risk practitioner is the diversity of the role and supporting people to reach their goals safely, she goes on. “As someone who is eager to learn new things, I am always keen to build on my existing skill set and help others by sharing my knowledge to implement sensible health and safety solutions to often complex issues, whilst ensuring legal compliance. The best part of my role is working collaboratively to engage others whilst dispelling the myths around health and safety having to be boring or an obstacle.”

The willingness to work collaboratively made Su the perfect candidate to be awarded Fellowship of IIRSM recently. “During the course of my career, I have been fortunate enough to win several awards, however, what makes me most proud is my proven track record in establishing positive health and safety cultures and developing good teams of advisors. Receiving positive feedback on the performance and helpfulness of my team is extremely rewarding and motivational. I am also really proud of the fact that I recently achieved Fellowship of the IIRSM.”

Looking ahead to the future, Su wants to continue doing something meaningful that she enjoys while making a difference. “I want to continue to contribute to the health and safety profession in a positive way while continuing to learn and develop myself and others,” she concludes.

If you are interested in joining IIRSM's community you can make an online application here.