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Rosie Russell


About 25 years ago, I lost control of the chemical reaction that I was working on which resulted in a few injuries. I returned to the laboratory with a different attitude to risk that ultimately led me to pursue a career in health and safety, specializing in chemical, biological and radiation risks.

Since then, I have broadened my horizons and realised that an understanding of the psychology of work is a key tool in the risk practitioner’s toolbox. Understanding why people act in the way they do, along with the knowledge that mental, as well as physical health influences employees' actions, has led me to practise with empathy for those with whom I work while I seek to understand and guide them.

IIRSM’s holistic approach to risk initially attracted me to become a member and inspired me to contribute to the running of the Institute. After all, the Institute is nothing without the active participation of its members. By getting involved with my local branch, I progressed to Fellow and later had the privilege to join and Chair the Membership and Branches Committee where I was involved in overhauling the process for applying for Fellowship as well as having a hand in developing the Risk Management and Leadership Competence Framework.

As an out and proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community I am a strong proponent of diversity in all its forms and will, if elected, continue to bring passion and commitment to the role, continue to act as a strong advocate of IIRSM Membership and bring a focus on promoting diversity within our profession to the role.