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Phillip Brown


During my career I have been fortunate enough to work in both the public and private sector, gaining understanding of the multifaceted environments and risk cultures.  I have now worked in risk management for over 20 years and when starting out I was fully aware of the “H&S room“  being full on older, grey suited men and was determined to try and change the negative perceptions around health, safety and risk management.  

I have always tried to inspire others to embrace the positive aspects of managing risk rather than focusing on the prescriptive nature of our regulatory framework.  Risk management doesn’t have to be difficult, often people just need a little supportive nudge or a reassuring voice for them to achieve the desired results.  

On a personal level, not taking myself too seriously has often helped.  The subject matter is always taken seriously but that doesn’t mean we can’t promote and encourage others in a humorous way. I especially enjoy the challenge of leading and engaging with people, often those who “don’t do H&S”.  

In my day job I directly influence risk management changes within the theatre industry, I now feel fortunate and privileged to also start influencing our risk management profession as a Trustee.   My current role gives me a valuable insight not only into the world of risk but also how a member organisation works.   We need to be focussed on what our members want and what they expect from the institute so we can continue to be a successful member-led organisation.  

We must ensure that Council learns the lessons from the past but also keep looking forward, in particular, capitalising on how high risk practitioners stock has risen during the pandemic.  I firmly believe that we need to focus on how we can continue to grow our business, membership and income generation. We need to continue our talent development, increase diversity and how the Institute can support the wider risk education of society.  Finally, we should develop stronger connections with like-minded stakeholders but similarly look at non-traditional partner organisations while also nurturing international opportunities for the institute. 

As one of your Trustees, I will be even more resolute in changing harmful attitudes, making our profession open for everyone and ensuring IIRSM remains the leading inclusive risk management professional organisation.