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Karla Gahan


My background in risk management and business continuity, crisis management and resilience both as an in-house practitioner and as a consultant provides me with a unique opportunity to share the perspectives of a wide range of member’s needs. It also affords me the opportunity to understand current and emerging trends in these industries. 

This enhances my ability to contribute ideas and to provide challenge where appropriate so that the IIRSM remains relevant to the membership and on point with its objectives and strategy. My previous work on unconscious bias demonstrates my awareness of the need for cultural and cognitive diversity in such settings and I would embrace the opportunity to bring these skills to the group. 

I’m committed to developing the risk and resilience professions and believe there are great opportunities for the IIRSM to be a global leader in these fields. I will bring energy, experience, authenticity, integrity and an open mind to the role and would find it a great privilege to help to develop and shape the future of the organisation in the role of Trustee.