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John Nelson


In today’s highly competitive environment, a professional body that understands and helps others embed sensible and pragmatic risk management in the widest sense has the advantage.

For me, the IIRSM is uniquely positioned and is doing so, collaborating with partners to deliver learning and embed an active risk approach. Helping others translate it to the bottom line improving performance and holistically ensuring that the communities we live and work in are safe, with fit for purpose systems within businesses that contribute to the economy building a stable base from which to grow.

The IIRSM, an international institute of choice with an approach through its purpose, values and mission, resonate strongly with my own mantra, to live a philosophy of collaboration developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships whilst being agile and resilient to cope in an evolving and ever-changing world.

From within, the IIRSM is leading change working smarter and much more effectively supporting a membership of over 8,000 across more than 80 countries.

Having reached a point in my career where I can reflect upon the support the IIRSM has given me as an individual, I feel it is an appropriate time for me to return this support and good faith by increasing my commitment to the IIRSM. I have a burning passion for a Trustee position with the IIRSM. I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to the wider risk management community and I believe the IIRSM is a leader among professional membership organisations in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

I believe I can assist the IIRSM, the membership and the wider risk management community inclusive of small organisations and their supply chain by giving something back, to a professional organisation that has always had my interests at heart helping those within the risk management community to grow, creating an interdependency amongst risk practitioners, the risk management community and the organisations in which they work along with the communities that we live and work in.