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Special Report: The Future of Wellbeing

Given the cost-of-living crisis, political uncertainty, and the ‘return to work’ post-covid, it is hardly surprising that employees are suffering, burnout is rife, the great resignation is raging. When workplace wellbeing is done well, engagement will rise, attraction will rocket and organisations will keep their best and attract the rest; when done poorly, presenteeism, absenteeism and attrition are soon to follow.

What should organisations do, what do employees want, what will have the most impact, how is wellbeing measured?

In an effort to play its part in finding ways in which to help the situation, IIRSM set out to fully understand the depth of the problem at the coal face by asking our members what they are seeing first hand.

We then joined forces with the IoD and combined our results with those from a major global survey – carried out by Deloitte – of their members.

When more than 30,000 responses were analysed together, the survey, published in the IIRSM membeship publication, The Sentinel, gave us a unique insight into what is really happening out there at the coal face and in the boardroom.

In our report, The Future of Wellbeing, we have endeavoured to look not only at the findings of the surveys but to provide risk managers and directors with the insight and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the way forward in tackling this enormous problem.

Download the report below and, if you are a IIRSM Member, check the Member Resource Hub for the full edition of The Sentinel where we explore the topic further and from a variety of angles.