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Safety Savvy

Price: £15.00

Product Description

The pressure to be safe and healthy is stronger now than it’s ever been. The response to this is usually more policies, more rules, and more checklists. But is this really the answer? Best-selling authors Dr Tim Marsh and Andrew Sharman have taken everything they’ve learned over the last 20 years, thrown it into the pot and distilled it over a hot flame to provide you with the Five Truths of the Safety Savvy.

Safety is not an intellectual exercise; it’s simply a matter of life and death. But all too often the topic is presented in a way that repels people, rather than encourages positive action. This little book is the antidote: especially for those who work on the front-line, the shop-floor, the ‘coal-face’ of the workplace. Written in the straight-talking style for which Marsh and Sharman are internationally renowned, this jargon-free, humourous yet instructive book is a ready reckoner for all employees – at all levels – who want to think a little more constructively about safety, without getting bogged down in rules, regulations and checklists.

With high impact graphics, a fast-paced narrative, and handy pocket size, this book can form part of your own organization’s program of safety education – and your employees won’t want to put it down!

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