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Saving Lives Through Leadership: Leadership for Health and Safety Practitioners

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By Keith Scott & Barry Holt

Leadership is not solely the function of Chief Executives, Directors or senior managers. Safety professionals should also consider how their role requires them to be leaders within their organisation. To aid in this process this publication considers the knowledge, skills and traits required to be successful leaders. While looking at the key traits for successful leadership it is essential that this is seen not as an end in itself, but that it is directed to the overall aim of saving lives and preventing injury in the workplace.

This book is aimed at enabling the safety adviser or safety manager to develop into an effective safety leader. In preparing for the book, the authors carried out a survey of IIRSM members to evaluate how many are involved in developing policy for their organisations. Over 80% of respondents were responsible wholly or in part for producing health and safety policy. However, this is only the first stage and putting policy into effective action is where the health and safety professional needs those leadership skills which this book will help to develop.

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Saving Lives Through Leadership