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Risk-led Safety, Evidence-driven Management

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By Duncan Spencer & Chris Jerman

Modern day managers and health & safety professionals are bombarded with advice and pressure from every angle. Phone calls from companies trying to sell services or training and implying that without their help managers could face imprisonment. There are national and international standards that imply that they can provide a suit of armour to fend off enforcement and litigation. There are industry and HSE guidelines that are often mistakenly viewed as prescriptive requirement. Oh - and don’t forget the persecution in the press!

Risk-led Safety, Evidence-driven Management is a book that is a beacon in this storm of opinion. It strips the law back to its basic elements and focuses on its spirit and intent. It dismisses needlessly complicated ideology to reveal what perhaps Lord Robens really had in mind. If you want a book that uses plain and simple language to explain what the law is really asking you to do, then this is the book for you.

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Risk-led Safety, Evidence-driven Management