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Affective Safety Management (ASM) handbook

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By Dr. Tim Marsh

This book aims to combine the best of Behavioural Safety with the work of influential academic safety theorists such as Professors James Reason and Brian Toft. It seeks to illustrate each topic covered with lessons from the world of psychology and practical commercial experience from around the globe. Psychology is vital as there is widespread agreement that once a company has the basic systems and training in place and is compliant - then it’s all about the people.

As well as defining phrases such as “Total Safety Culture” and the Bradley Curve’s “Interdependence” in day to day behavioural terms, it draws on more populist work by such million selling authors as McFarlan, Gladwell and Cialdini whose work has successfully addressed “how to get a message across”, “why people do what they do” and “how we can get people to do what we’d like them to do”. All, Tim argues, very useful fields of knowledge indeed for the hard working safety professional. Or anyone else for that matter!

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Affective Safety Management (ASM) handbook