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Planet Interrupted: Lessons learned from Covid-19

We’re living today in a world that seems evermore complex, uncertain and volatile. 

And when you consider this, you realise just how important it is that we learn from each crisis to prepare us for the next. Every situation is different, but there are learnings from each event that can ready us a little more for subsequent challenges.

Our report, Planet Interrupted: Lessons learned from Covid-19 is part of IIRSM’s contribution to learning the lessons from the crisis that has dominated our lives since early 2020.

For those responsible for managing risks, we need to face up to the fact that we could face another, more virulent strain of the coronavirus, or another pandemic altogether. This is something we must consider and plan for. 

For a more resilient, sustainable society and economy, we have to take lessons from the pandemic and ensure they’re embedded in the cultures and practices of all organisations so they can better manage the effects of such an outbreak next time. 

Planet Interrupted takes in commentary and insights from risk professionals working in a wide range of sectors. You will read about the elevation of risk management from a back office function to a question of leadership and strategy. 

It also includes findings from the first major survey of its kind since the outbreak. We looked at how organisations dealt with the unexpected challenges of the pandemic and how Covid-19 has changed the world of work forever. 

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