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Safe365 has developed and applied innovative ‘out of the box’ health, safety and risk technology. It enables a data driven, lead indicator approach to improving senior leadership awareness, enabling step changes to occur in organisational safety and risk capability and maturity. The platform delivers stronger business performance and efficiencies, including improved productivity, significant reduction in workplace incidents and improved financial outcomes.

Safe365’s cloud based, Microsoft Azure hosted application, through its unique business health and safety risk maturity assessment, enables a business or business unit to rapidly understand its level of capability and capacity and to focus on improvements that will make the biggest impact on reducing overall risk in health and safety. Within 90 minutes, a business has a real-time digital maturity profile which visually demonstrates areas of both strengths and vulnerabilities for the organisation across 84 lead indicator elements. At the same time, the micro learning engineered into the technology has a powerful impact in unlocking awareness and generating engagement from business leaders – a real challenge for many senior safety & risk professionals.  Traditionally, this approach was only available via a consulting proposition, a process which as well as being much more expensive, took a lot longer, yielded inconsistent results and only ever resulted in written reports for the client rather than any degree of ongoing visibility and monitoring. Safe365 has disrupted this traditional model and, as a result, removed major barriers for any business to understand health, safety and risk at work in the modern era. Safe365 now has users in 40 countries globally and has partnered with over 60 health and safety consulting firms who now use Safe365 software to add further value, modernise and digitise their advisory offering to their clients.