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Red Orchid

Red Orchid is a boutique consultancy providing bespoke risk and crisis management solutions, designed to protect your brand and balance-sheet integrity.

Our role is to improve outcomes. To help you achieve what you want and, to protect what you have.

Sector agnostic our highly experienced team help harness the connective strength within your organisation, to reduce risk, and improve organisational resilience.

We also provide a critical insight into what can go wrong and, how to respond when it does, that can save time, money, and reduce stress in crisis situations.

Our professional speaker packages, used as keynote addresses for conferences, business events, networking talks and online webinars are a great way to assess our authenticity and engage with the team.

“IIRSM occupies a really exciting space right now. Partnering affords us the opportunity to support its progressive agenda and, positively contribute to a community that collaborates and cares.” James Howard, Director

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