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PG Mutual

PG Mutual are a not-for-profit, Friendly Society that specialise in providing Income Protection to professionals. Established in 1928, we have over 90 years of expertise in protecting our member’s incomes. With our Income Protection Plus, policyholders pay a monthly premium and if you are unable to work through injury or illness, you can claim for up to 70% of your income (or £1,200 per week, whichever is less) until you recover, or you reach age 65. Through our user-friendly website, we make it easy to get a quote to find out just how reasonable protecting your income could be. As a Mutual, we’re here to support our members when they need us the most and are proud of our claims record. In the last 3 years (2016-2018), 97% of all new claims were eligible for payment. That’s comprehensive cover!

Additionally, our policies come with a Profit Share Account included. This account is topped up annually from any profits we make. Whether you claim or not, you will benefit from profit share while protecting your income and your family.

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