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Health & Safety Index

The Health & Safety Index is an online tool enabling organisations to measure, focus and act on improvements that matter!


The Health & Safety Index enables you to talk with your entire workforce, receive feedback at scale and put all their voices in one place. In collaboration with a PhD from Murdoch University, we have designed an integrated set of survey questions to provide a holistic view covering 4 aspects:

• Safety Leadership

• Safety Engagement

• Health & Wellbeing

• Safety Systems.

Results can be compared across business-specific demographics to identify blind spots and areas of focus. A simple (<10min) and statistically reliable (α >0.9) benchmark places people at the centre of what matters most.

Seek feedback at scale and focus on improvements that matter.

“The Health & Safety Index was not only easy to deliver and credible, but also produced invaluable results allowing us to gain a greater understanding of our current state across safety, systems, engagement and health and wellbeing. This enabled us to target our strategy further to align with our company’s results. Thank you for delivering this insightful and professional tool”

Caitlin Walkenhorst, Asia Pacific ESH Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin