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The governing body of the Institute is the Council, consisting of up to 12 Trustees, each serving three year terms up to a maximum of nine years. Trustees are elected by the membership at their AGM in December, but are not required to be members of the Institute. Council retain the right to co-opt individuals with specific skill sets for a limited period.

Supporting the work of Council is a range of standing committees and panels.

Council meets quarterly and are unremunerated (with the exception of travel expenses). Annual training on trustee responsibilities is provided and attendance at this is mandatory. An induction programme is also provided.

Diversity is as important on the IIRSM Council as it is across the IIRSM membership as a whole. Council encourages potential applicants from a diverse range of viewpoints to consider this role and put themselves forward.  Applications from those wishing to join must be received by the Chief Executive, in the form of a CV and covering letter, no later than 15 September each year.

A Register of Interests of Council members and senior staff is available for inspection at the IIRSM office address.