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Our strategy and business plan to 2021

Last year IIRSM’s Council began a process of strategic change to evaluate the opportunities open to us and identify the most relevant ways to achieve them. We have discussed this with many of you at Branch meetings and events during the past year.

Please find below a document detailing IIRSM’s new Strategy and Five Year Business Plan to 2021. This document summarises our discussions, research and agreed focus for the next five years.

In developing this strategy, we have undertaken a major research programme, which included interviewing business and risk management professionals from all types of organisations, backgrounds and experiences to ensure we understood the risk management landscape. We have also surveyed our members, held interviews and workshops with many of them and completed substantial desk research. Additionally, having held many informal discussions with members during the last year, we have grown confident that the majority of IIRSM members buy in to the need for a new strategy and believe the chosen path to be a positive step forward for the Institute.            

In our January 2017 issue of Insight you can read an interview with our President, Siobhan Donnelly, and Phillip Pearson in which they provide their views on the need for IIRSM to implement these changes. Following on from our AGM on Monday 12 December, we will begin actively promoting our new strategy amongst the membership at large and our stakeholder groups. It is our intention that members feel involved in the strategy and are able to relay it to their own contacts, businesses and potential new members.