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In General

Title: Occupational Risk Control: Predicting and Preventing the Unwanted

Author: Derek Viner (GOWER)

Title: A Short Guide to Operational Risk

Author: David Tattam (GOWER)

Health & Safety

Title: Safety Can’t be Measured – An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Risk Reduction

Author: Andrew S. Townsend (GOWER)


Title: A Short Guide to Climate Change Risk

Author: Nigel Arnell




Title: Cyber security – An introduction for non-technical managers

Author: Jeremy Swinfen Green (GOWER)

Title: Cyber security management – A governance, risk and compliance framework

Authors: Peter Trim and Yang-lm Lee (GOWER)

Title: Cyber Crime, Security and Digital Intelligence

Author: Mark Johnson (GOWER)

Title: Cyber Security Culture – Counteracting Cyber Threats through Organisational Learning and Training

Authors: Peter Trim and David Upton (GOWER)

Title: The Law of Virtual Worlds and Internet Social Networks

Author: Andrew Sparrow (GOWER)

Title: Hacking the Human – Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures

Author: Ian Mann (GOWER)


Title: Terrorism, the Worker and the City – Simulations and Security in an Time of Terror

Author: Luke Howie (GOWER)

Title: Information Security and Employee Behaviour – How to Reduce Through Employee Education, Training and Awareness

Author: Angus Mc Ilwraith (GOWER)

Title: Security Manual

Author: David Brooksbank (GOWER)

Title: Crime and Corruption in Organisations – Why It Occurs and What To Do About It

Authors: Edited by: Ronald J. Burke, Edward C. Tomlinson and Cary L. Cooper (GOWER)

Title: A Short Guide to Fraud Risk – Fraud Resistance and Detection

Author: Martin Samociuk, Nigel Iyer, Edited by: Helenne Doody (GOWER)

Supply Chain

Title: Supply Chain Visibility: From Theory to Practice

Author: Jonah Saint McIntire (GOWER)

Title: Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud

Author: Norman A. Katz (GOWER)

Title: A Short Guide to Customer Risk

Author: Catherine Truel (GOWER)

Title: A Short Guide to Procurement Risk

Author: Richard Russill (GOWER)