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Transitional Arrangement

IIRSM has conducted a thorough review of its Training Approval Scheme in line with our new strategy and direction, which was launched at the end of 2016.

Summary of Changes

Under the new Training Approval Scheme:

  • We will publish a summary of the training assessment criteria to ensure transparency in the new process.
  • We have expanded the range of course topics we will approve reflecting our new direction.
  • We will approve eLearning and face to face courses as part of a standard application process.
  • Approval licences will be offered up to a period of 3 years and providers may be subject to an interim review.
  • All new providers will be required to become an Approved Training Organisation as part of the approval process.

Courses Leading to Qualifications

We are developing a new Qualifications Recognition Scheme to be launched later in 2017. The approval of short courses will be managed separately from to the approval of formal qualifications. Current providers delivering courses leading to formal qualifications will be able to remain on the existing scheme until such time as the Qualification Recognition Scheme has been launched. We will provide further details on the Qualification Recognition Scheme in due course.

Approved Trainers

As part of the review, we will be discontinuing the Approved Trainer scheme in its current format. Trainers’ experience and delivery will be part of the standard Training Approval Process.
We will be looking to develop an IIRSM Register of Trainers which is currently under development. We will provide further details on the Register once they are available.

Approved Centres

Under the new Training Approval Scheme, current approved centres will automatically become Approved Training Organisations for the remainder of their existing agreement. Centres that do not currently have individual courses approved by IIRSM are strongly encouraged to submit them for consideration under the new Training Approval Scheme.

Centres that are unable or unwilling to submit courses for approval by the end of their existing agreement will not be permitted to renew as an Approved Training Organisation.
Please note, under the new scheme Approved Training Organisation status is only granted to those providers who have individual courses approved through the Training Approval Scheme.

Transfer Process
To transfer onto the new scheme, all existing providers will be required to submit courses for re-assessment, regardless of the date of previous assessment. If approved, a new licence will cover a 3 year period. We are offering existing providers a 25% discount on the Training Approval Application Fee to transfer onto the new scheme. Please quote TRAN20 on the application form to receive the discount.

This offer is valid until 1 June 2017 for Approved Courses and 1 June 2018 for existing Approved Centres. Applications must be received by 24 April 2017.