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WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Collaborative risk management under CDM 2015: The dutyholder perspective

Occupational safety and health (OSH) still remains a challenge to the construction industry world-wide and source of worry for industry stakeholders. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) have been the primary tool to drive changes in the management of health and safety in the industry. Five (5) years after its latest Regulations (CDM 2015), there is a need for introspection, stock-taking and honest discussion on current practice and how to manage more collaboratively OSH risks on construction projects.

Consequently, the University of Wolverhampton has secured funding from the EU for a research project, dubbed “PRE-COSH”, to study and produce a flexible model for effective CDM 2015 compliance during the pre-construction phase of projects. For more information on the PRE-COSH project, kindly visit

You are invited to join us in a series of online workshops over a period of six (6) weeks, beginning from July 2020 to share experiences, best practices and views on alternative approaches to effective compliance with CDM 2015.

We will be glad, if you could share this information with friends and colleagues whom you think will be interested in participating in any of these workshops.

To book a place on any of our workshops at Eventbrite, follow the appropriate link in Table 1. For further information, send a message to


Table 1: Workshop schedule



Target Participants

Workshop theme


Registration link @ Eventbrite


Clients (Cs)

The Client and Project OSH

July 02, 2020


Principal Designers (PDs);

The Principal Designer’s duties and Project OSH

July 06, 2020


Designers (Ds)

The OSH-minded Designer

July 09, 2020


PDs; Ds

Design integration under CDM

July 13, 2020


CDM Advisors (CDM-As); Health & Safety Advisors (HS-As)

CDM Support Services

July 16, 2020


Principal Contractors (PCs);

The Principal Contractor’s duties and Project OSH

July 20, 2020


Contractor (C)

The Contractor’s duties and Project OSH

July 23, 2020


Principal Contractors (PCs); Contractor (C)

Working collaboratively on site for health  and safety

July 28, 2020


PDs; Ds; Cs; CDM-As; HS-As; PCs

Cooperation, coordination and Communication for Health and Safety

July 31, 2020


PDs; Ds; Cs; CDM-As; HS-As; PCs

Cooperation, coordination and Communication for Health and Safety

August 03, 2020


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