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Working Together – IIRSM Shows Support for the HSE’S New Strategy

IIRSM supports the HSE’s new proposed strategy, which shows a close synergy with our mission to promote all aspects of risk management, particularly proportionate risk management. We have long recognised that successful health and safety management requires cooperation between all stakeholders who must act together.

We demonstrated this belief by participating in the EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces Campaign, Working together for risk prevention. Our new role of Affiliate recognises that non-professionals must become involved in safety and health awareness and systems to promote ‘good risk management’ and broader ownership in the workplace.

The HSE’s strategy, Helping Great Britain Work Well, will be based around six themes. The regulator is urging everyone involved in health and safety to have their say on what the strategy should achieve within these parameters. The themes are:

  • Promoting broader ownership of workplace health and safety
  • Highlighting and tackling the burden of work-related ill health
  • Supporting small firms
  • Simplifying risk management and helping business to grow
  • Anticipating and tackling the challenges of new technology and ways of working
  • Promoting the benefits of Britain’s world-class health and safety system.

We strongly support the need to recognise health and not just safety. Our Council currently includes two medical professionals - one of whom, Dr Su Wang, is currently Chair of the International Commission on Occupational Health, Scientific Committee on Accident Prevention.

The need to support SMEs is critical - we are committed to using technology to lower costs and give wider access to health and safety solutions. Safety culture and leadership have long been key messages from IIRSM so we are delighted to see that our long-term strategy aligns with that of the HSE, because we believe that together, we can make a change in every organisation.


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