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Tips on being a Trustee – by people in the role

So what does it take to be a Trustee?

With just two weeks left to reply to our call for applications to become a IIRSM Trustee, we asked existing Council members for their answers to the question.

Matt Cox replied, “Seeking sufficient information, advice or guidance in order to make decisions that serve the best interests of the Institute,  shows strength, not weakness.”

For Anne Mallory, it’s about “commitment to meetings and events and striving to uphold the aims of IIRSM in everything you do!”

“Remember the prime responsibility of a trustee is to provide governance and strategic guidance,” said Andy Hawkes.

While Callum Irvine believes, “Diversity of viewpoint is what makes a Board or Council work well … don’t be afraid to bring your own unique perspective; constructive challenge is key to helping reach an agreed course of action.”

And let’s leave the last word with IIRSM President Clive Johnson, who replied, “As a IIRSM trustee you need to be open and honest, challenging, sharing your expertise, supporting others, being visible to the members and a great role model for IIRSM.”

All good advice on what it takes to be a good Trustee. And in a nutshell, it’s about helping the charity to deliver on its purposes. So read that governing document and make sure you understand:

  • what your charity is set up to achieve (its purposes)
  • who your charity is there to benefit (its beneficiaries)
  • what your charity can or cannot do to carry out its purposes (its powers)

Interested applicants are welcomed to apply through submitting a brief CV and covering letter by email to

The closing date for applications is 15 September 2021. We anticipate holding remote interviews for short-listed applicants prior to selection.

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