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Supreme Court Ruling Slip Case: Kennedy V Cordia (services) LLP

A recent civil claim case, Kennedy V Cordia (services) LLP has resulted in safety legislative requirements that have until now have not been taken into account.

The ruling that has come from the Supreme Court concerning a litigation claim for a slip while in a public area,  could have an impact on organisations, including Local Government, in claims where staff are required to travel outside the workplace.

It is also worth noting the admissibility of evidence form the expert witness who had experience and qualifications in health and safety. The Supreme Court press release on the appeal states “The witness’s evidence provided a basis for the Lord Ordinary to determine whether the defenders had suitably and sufficiently evaluated the risks and identified the measures needed to protect health and safety…” This may lead to an increase in this type of expert being used in such cases.

Read The Supreme Court press summary here



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