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Supply chain management training accessible to SMEs under new partnership

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Under a new partnership with the UK’s leading e-learning provider iHASCO, IIRSM partner and global supply chain risk management specialist Avetta is offering support to companies of every size in their supplier network. Avetta wants to make training courses covering Workplace Safety, Human Resources, Diversity and enhanced continuing professional development affordable and accessible for suppliers of all sizes. Here, Avetta’s Mark Swenson explains.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

If you could increase your company’s profit margin by 24%, would you do it? According to the Association for Talent Development (ADT), companies that offer comprehensive training programmes for their employees enjoy not only an increase in their profit margins than those who spend less on training, but they also realise a 218% higher income per employee.

It’s all about increasing employee productivity by investing in continuing professional development (CPD). Advancing the skill sets of your employees is one of the most cost-effective activities a company can do to increase productivity. There are other benefits that come along with it also.

Employee retention is the top of that list. Employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to perform their job well are 40% more likely to leave their position within the first 12 months of employment. This places a heavy burden on a company’s ability to grow and thrive, reduces profit margins due to employee turnover, not to mention the high costs associated with attracting new employees. 

Middlesex University for Work Based Learning conducted a long-term study of 4,300 workers and found that 74% of workers felt they were not achieving their full potential at work due to their lack of continuing professional development opportunities.   

Let’s face it, the last two years has demonstrated we live and work in an ever-changing business environment. Employees can  feel disconnected, frustrated, and undervalued. 

So, how do we change that dynamic? Through employee engagement which is the emotional link or connection employees feel towards the company they work for, the work they perform, and how they fit into achieving the overall company goals and objectives. According to a recent Dale Carnegie survey, companies with engaged employees outperform those without, by up to 202%.

Recognising these trends, Avetta, the global leader in the supply chain risk management space, has partnered with iHASCO, who is the UK’s top eLearning platform. Together they bring continuing education, providing access to a wide range of training and awareness programmes focusing on workplace safety, the environment, and human factors such as diversity and human resources. This wide range of material has been made available to their network of Suppliers, Vendors, and Contractors at a discounted rate. 

This partnership allows the small to medium sized companies in the Avetta network the same opportunity much larger companies have in-regards to investing in their employees,  providing education in a cost-effective manner. By doing so it also provides these companies an opportunity to realise the benefits of increasing profit margins, employee retention rates, overall employee engagement, and satisfaction. All of which lead to a much stronger, efficient, and safer, worldwide supply chain.


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