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A refresh for our Emerging Risk Leaders’ Network

IIRSM is 100% committed to continually improving your membership experience, and your feedback plays a vital part in this. So when we make changes because of the information you give us, we’re more than happy to share it. We want you to know that we’re listening.

So this month, let us tell you about the work we have been doing with our Emerging Risk Leaders’ Network. Launched 18 months ago, this network’s aim is to give up-and-coming leaders of our profession the opportunities to network, share experiences and, importantly, help shape the future of risk management.

In common with any new initiative, it has been important to take time to reflect and reassess the Network’s position, purpose, processes and outputs. We’re keen to ensure that we continue to evolve along with the world we live and work in, and that the Network provides value to our members.

With the Network’s original Pillar projects coming to a natural end, it made sense to take stock, review some lessons learned and apply these to new approaches that keep us fresh, motivated and relevant.

Our purpose

Our purpose remains the same and as such we will be building on the great work the Network started, with some enhancements to ensure commitment pays off in meeting our goals. These goals are:

  1. Empower you to build career success by learning from and supporting others from different sectors and industries to cross-pollinate ideas and knowledge.
  2. Support you to develop your influence within your place of work and beyond through raising your profile amongst peers and employers.
  3. Provide you with opportunities to showcase your capabilities through delivering informative and novel ideas and solutions through different channels.

And from a consultation with members about the Network, we took away a number of things. The feedback confirmed that:

  • people join the Network to be a part of something dynamic and to connect with others
  • members want to learn from a diverse group of people
  • availability of diverse groups can be a challenge, yet commitment and energy is needed to motivate each other

New themes and objectives

To support the above goals and needs, we used the feedback, firstly, to inform themes and objectives for the next 12 months. These are: 

  • Thought leadership - Position ourselves as influencers in, and of, the risk management professional community
  • Inclusivity - Promote diversification, in all its forms, in our organisations and the wider risk community
  • Career acceleration - Develop a suite of tools to support career development of Network members

New ways of working

To support the delivery of these objectives and the needs of our Network members, we will also be working in an agile and transparent way that minimises the impact to existing workloads. Changes based on feedback include:

  • Creation of small groups of 2-3 people to manage each workstream
  • Formation of an additional Communications workstream to raise the profile of the Network’s achievements and engage with other IIRSM members
  • Every three months there will be an opportunity to join a new workstream, with short-term deliverables that support the wider objectives
  • All Network members will have access to project communications and outputs, but are not obliged to join a work stream immediately
  • Workstreams will be run on a project management tool, with outputs managed by IIRSM
  • The project management tool will support with time management, reminders, communications and transparency, reducing the need for mass emails
  • It is expected that within 12 months, all Emerging Risk Leaders have engaged in a workstream to maintain their membership of the Network

The first workstreams within these themes launched their new projects in July - you can follow our journey on the website, via announcements in our eNewsletters, or via the ERLN LinkedIn page.

To enquire about joining the Network please email

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