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A new chapter

As we digest a year that included a Brexit vote and a Trump win, many would argue the world is becoming a riskier place.

“2016 has certainly been the year that created economic and legislative uncertainty,” says Siobhan Donnelly, IIRSM President. “We are all watching for the impact of Brexit and some are awfulizing.”

Following the UK vote to leave the European Union, IIRSM will maintain a keen interest in what effect Brexit will have on UK health and safety legislation.  It is expected that EU rules and laws will apply to businesses after the UK leaves the union and of course if organisations want to continue to do business in EU countries they will have to continue to apply its legislation standards.

Deputy President Andy Hawkes predicts the uncertainty will continue well into 2017. “I think next year will see continued unpredictability as various EU countries face general elections that could create more pressure on the EU as a whole and, in turn, impact on economic stability and social unrest,” he says. “This acceleration of risk and uncertainty must lead to the need to have professional risk management experts across a variety of disciplines and IIRSM is here to respond and support our members in this complex and volatile world we live in.”

Siobhan’s hope is that in 2017 we will all reassess and continue as world leaders in safety by provision of budget, resources and tending to the small details which keep people healthy and safe every day, and we share those sentiments.

For more on what your institute will be doing in 2017 and beyond, click here for more details about our five-year strategy, which launches this month.

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