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Meeting our Members in Singapore

Council member Su Wang recently holidayed in Singapore and took time out to meet up with IIRSM members in the region. Su had a very enjoyable meeting and asked two of the members she met to share their stories of how they became members of the Institute and their desire to set up an IIRSM Singapore Branch.

Faisal Hussin SIIRSM

“My interest in IIRSM began when I joined LinkedIn in 2013. I was browsing professional profiles as I searched for job opportunities overseas. I noticed ‘FIIRSM’ and ‘MIIRSM’ after the names of professionals, and I was curious as to what the letters stood for. As I browsed the IIRSM website, I found these titles were a way for practitioners to demonstrate their competence, level of skills, experience and expertise in risk, health, safety and environment.

“Since becoming a member, my aspiration is to help others understand workplace safety, hazards and risk, which I enjoy doing. I joined in 2015, and I have found membership has increased my professional network and has given me excellent opportunities to gain experience, share knowledge, and meet HSE practitioners in various industries, providing multiple career benefits.

“I am proud to be a member of IIRSM.  The Institute has broadened my knowledge locally and internationally. It supports me in reaching my professional goals to deliver health and safety solutions with the influence to promote and enhance a strong culture of prevention.”

Joe McWilliam MIIRSM

“I was travelling in the UK last year, mainly on family business. I had received a number of emails from sources regarding the Safety and Health Expo at London’s Excel centre in June. I was not planning to go, but it turned out I had less pressing things to deal with back in Singapore and so I made a snap decision to attend. I didn’t really have an agenda, and didn’t make any kind of plan of what I’d be looking for.

“When I arrived I spent quite a lot of time wandering around. As you’d expect, all the usual shiny items were on show such as safety clothing and personal protective equipment – all the stuff your boss doesn’t want you to purchase!

Tucked away at one end of the hall I spotted the IIRSM stand. I‘m so pleased I noticed it. I had a chat with the staff member manning the stand and was given some leaflets, which I threw in my bag with all the others I’d been handed that day.

“On my return to Singapore, I settled down one quiet evening to see what I had collected. Most went into the bin (shiny paper is discouraged for recycling). Then I read the IIRSM material. This was interesting. I checked the website – very interesting. No need to go to the boss for this one! I went through the joining process and here I am.

“The moral of my story? All that glitters is not gold!”

Singapore Branch

Thanks to Jo and Faisal for taking the time to meet with Su and share their stories. They are now working with IIRSM to create a Branch in Singapore and would be interested in meeting other members in the region. If you would like to find out more, please contact Clare Fleming (clare. or Rebecca Smith (

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