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Live Events, Safety and Competence Conference

An exciting opportunity is emerging to promote this core principal and advance health and safety competence for the events sector.  The momentum begins with a unique one-day conference on 17 November 2015 at London South Bank University.  Arranged by the sector, for the sector, it addresses the full range of topical issues facing events safety professionals.

The conference will provide a rare chance to hear directly from the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Construction Division about the application of CDM 2015 to events.  The lead conference speakers are:

  • Gavin Bull from the HSE
  • Chris Higgs of the National Rigging Advisory Group
  • James Eade, a temporary electrical systems consultant
  • Michael Anderson of Safety Advisers Group in Entertainment (SAGE)
  • Mick Upton of the International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies (ICCMSS)
  • Emma Parkinson of Buckinghamshire New University and the ICCMSS
  • Greg Brown, Deputy Chief Executive of IIRSM

The event will offer technical updates and workable solutions and also debate how we identify and support events-sector competence in health and safety.  The sector needs a relevant and reliable source of competence which will provide reassurance to events managers, promoters, organisers and the enforcing authorities.

Chris Hannam of Stagesafe has witnessed the challenge first-hand “I see people advertising their services as event safety consultants with very low level qualifications and very little experience, especially in the more technical areas of events.  Many of these people are working for low rates (below normal industry standards) but their clients do not understand the different levels of qualifications or what insurance, if any, event safety consultants should have.  They tend to be led by price rather than quality.”

Chris continues: “Our event is an attempt to raise standards for professional event safety, hammer out a few issues, provide some training that can be used as CPD, and achieve recognised fees for this bespoke professional service so that promotors understand the specialist competencies required to run their events safely.”

The day will also be suitable for event and crowd safety practitioners, stage, tour and production managers, event promoters and organisers, students on event management courses and anyone with an interest in event safety and crowd safety management to increase their knowledge and awareness.

Event details at or en/live-events-safety-and-competence-confer.html



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