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Leaders for the future

I’m sure the words ‘Brexit’ and ‘politician’ – especially when spoken in the same breath – put shivers down your spine. The past three years have not only adversely affected people’s views of politics and politicians, but I think have also put into question what leadership actually means in organisations.

But why is this important? The way we structure and manage organisations are changing – driven, in particular, by the digital revolution. We therefore need leaders for the future who are able to think differently, and inspire others in their organisations to think differently.

How to achieve this is not easy, but the ability to build and maintain trust is fundamental. So what are we looking for in our leaders of tomorrow? RICA is the answer!

  • Results: track record of success, performance and getting the right things done
  • Integrity: honesty, openness, fairness, walking the talk and standing for something
  • Caring: concern for others beyond your own needs and showing levels of care and compassion
  • Ability: clearly demonstrating talent, knowledge, skills, consistency and behaviours that inspire confidence both now and in the future.

How about a challenge? Encourage your organisation to stop focusing on words such as ‘leaders’ and ‘leadership’ and our own interpretations of what they mean, and embrace the concept of thinking differently to focus on self-awareness, building trust, inspiring people to generate new ideas and deliver greater results, in order to develop organisations that are exciting, agile and adaptable.

Tony Williams is Director of Tony Williams Associates, which specialises in transforming people and organisations:


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