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IIRSM signs Letter of Agreement with Abu Dhabi Environment, Health & Safety Center

On 2 April 2014 IIRSM and Abu Dhabi Environment, Health & Safety Center (AD EHS) representatives met to sign a Letter of Agreement and discuss future activities between the two organisations.

This is a significant milestone for IIRSM and its relationship with key organisations in the Gulf region. It builds on the work that IIRSM has undertaken over the last five years to raise the profile of the expertise of our Members. IIRSM is proud to have been invited to sign a partnership agreement with AD EHS Center and looks forward to implementing the practical aspects of the agreement with AD EHS over the coming years through our growing Middle East Branch. The common goals of our organisations are to raise awareness of Occupational Health and Safety in the region and to see a reduction in related incidents, injuries and illness. We hope that this will lead to further co-operation and the wider sharing of best practice.

Peter Hall President of IIRSM signed the Agreement and commented  “We do recognise the need to share our expertise in order to save the lives and livelihoods of workers throughout the world. IIRSM is an internationally facing body and we look to work in partnership with governments and other similarly minded bodies to help develop effective accident prevention systems, processes and culture in order to reduce the appalling cost of poor occupational health and safety. This is the reason why this agreement is so important; in spelling out the magnitude of the pain and suffering that poorly managed working conditions are causing; by welcoming and sharing the successful measures that have been put in place to improve workers health and safety through accident prevention and by providing the foundation for more cooperative working.”

Peter Hall and IIRSM Chief Executive Phillip Pearson will be holding talks with organisations and IIRSM Members in the Gulf Region until 4 April 2014.

Peter Hall (IIRSM) and Dr Jaber (AD EHS Center) prior to signing Letter of Agreement for cooperation and collaboration between IIRSM and AD EHS Center.

More photos available in the next few days.



IIRSM The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) is a professional body for health and safety practitioners and specialists in related fields who have a health and safety remit. It was set up to advance standards in accident prevention and occupational health throughout the world.

Established in 1975 this not-for-profit organisation offers membership to practitioners in over 70 countries. IIRSM welcomes third sector engagement at every level and actively seeks partnerships with equivalent bodies throughout the world. It has strong links with leading universities and international bodies and works to establish and promote standards of professional competence.

In support of its mission statement: “to provide recognition, information, support and enhancement to our growing membership” IIRSM places the interests of its membership at the centre of everything it does.

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