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Health and safety training for a new world of work

Organisations with safe and healthy work cultures will thrive, but too often the health and safety training solutions available for employees are over-long, full of jargon and out of date.

IIRSM’s Managing Health and Risk - The Essentials course is the answer to your problems with current health and safety awareness courses. It’s clear, to the point and jargon-free, and delivered with energy and expertise by top trainers.

We spoke to Helen Barge and Ruth Waring, of Risk Evolves, about why the course they developed with IIRSM is ahead of the curve.

Why has IIRSM and Risk Evolves designed this course? What were the issues that needed a fresh solution?

Helen: “The course was designed to provide support individuals who may be new to their role and for whom, responsibilities for health and safety were a key part of their new job description. It is designed to provide an in depth introduction to the topic, for example understanding the benefits of a strong culture, risk assessments, communication, obstacles etc utilising real life cases.”

Ruth: “The intent is to ensure that health and safety is seen as just one aspect of good governance within a role, and performed well and embedded in the culture of an organisation, should not be seen as a ‘business blocker’ on inhibiter to organisational goals.”

What sets this training course apart from other health and safety awareness courses?

Ruth: “Managing Health and Safety Risks - The Essentials is a game-changer in health and safety training. We have distilled all the key information into two days of content, with an emphasis on understanding the principles of health and safety, rather than learning lots of boring legal jargon. 

“Delegates come away with a true grasp of why health and safety is important, and why certain approaches are safe, and with enthusiasm to implement what they have learned. It is also delivered remotely or in classroom which also differentiates it from other similar courses.”

Helen: “We look beyond slips trips and falls, and consider mental health and the actions that employers can take to both support their employees and to reduce the risk of issues in the first place. We look extensively at culture in an organisation – this should never be a ‘tick box’ exercise and consider the impact of poor health and safety on key stakeholders. 

“Additionally, we recognise that everyone is busy and still has a day job to perform. Unlike other cases in the market place, this delivers in class room over two days or online in four half-day sessions.”

Why do organisations need to invest in courses such as IIRSM Managing Health & Safety Risks - The Essentials?

Helen: “This course takes a fresh approach to a topic that is perceived to be dull and boring, and stereotypically covered by people with clipboards who say no to everything. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, not solely the health and safety manager’s.

“Therefore, the course is suitable for anyone in an organisation, whether a team leader, a middle manager or a Director. The course is aimed at any size or sector of business, not for profit or charities.” 

Ruth: “The course is customised to cater for international delegates too. Organisations need to invest in this course if they are serious about the health and wellbeing of their employees.”

“The course has been developed from scratch with a fresh approach by a health and safety practitioner from industry, with lots of meaningful and relatable examples which demonstrates how health and safety can be integrated into good management practice.  

“The trainers are also energetic and engaged, with knowledgeable discussion and content which will ensure delegates take action when they return to the workplace."

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