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Grenfell Tower blaze - letter to Prime Minister

UK Government urged to end health and safety deregulation following Grenfell Tower blaze

The UK Government has been urged to scrap its approach to deregulation of health and safety legislation in light of the Grenfell Tower blaze.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, over 70 leading organisations and figures from the UK’s safety and health profession, has jointly called for a political sea change in attitude towards health and safety regulation and fire risk management following the tragedy.

The collective has also pressed the Government to complete its review of Part B of the Building Regulations 2010 – the regulations which cover fire safety within and around buildings in England – as a matter of urgency, and to include a focus on improved safety in the forthcoming Parliament.

The letter is signed by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Park Health & Safety, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and the British Safety Council, with full support from IIRSM and others including The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), Trades Union Congress (TUC), Unite the union, and senior health and safety professionals.

“We believe it is totally unacceptable for residents, members of the public and our emergency services to be exposed to this level of preventable risk in modern-day Britain,” the letter states.

“At this crucial time of national reflection and sorrow, we urge all politicians to re-emphasise the need for effective health and safety regulation and competent fire risk management. These are fundamental to saving lives and sustaining our communities.

“We believe it is vital that this disaster marks a turning point for improved fire safety awareness and wider appreciation that good health and safety is an investment, not a cost.”

In calling on the UK Government to complete its review of Part B of The Building Regulations 2010, the signatories add:

“Together, we offer our organisations’ support in undertaking the review – we all have valuable links to experts in this area who can advise on best regulatory outcomes. In the meantime, we welcome the Government’s commitment to act and to implement the interim findings of the forthcoming public inquiry.

“You have it in your power to remove immediately a further risk to people at work and outside of the workplace – unwise deregulation – which threatens public and worker safety.

“We, leaders in health and safety in the UK, call on you to scrap the Government’s approach to health and safety deregulation and think again.”

The open letter, in full, to which additional signatures can be added via the IOSH website.


Dear Prime Minister,

There have, understandably, been strong public reactions to the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower and its tragic consequences – the largest civilian loss of life from a single event in the UK since the Hillsborough disaster.

The occupational safety and health community is deeply saddened and disturbed by the Grenfell Tower fire and all the lives it claimed. We believe it is totally unacceptable for residents, members of the public and our emergency services to be exposed to this level of preventable risk in modern-day Britain.

Central Government and the Kensington and Chelsea local authority share responsibility for building standards and their enforcement locally, as well as for the funding and management of the maintenance of social housing. These responsibilities must be backed up with good, essential regulations.

However, for many years, Ministers and others with influence over them have called for regulations, including in health and safety, to be axed as a matter of principle. Arbitrary rules were imposed to establish deregulation of health and safety, such as a requirement to abolish two health and safety regulations (and more recently, three) for any new one adopted.

This mind-set has meant that, even when it was recommended and accepted that mandatory fitting of sprinklers would make homes or schools safer, this was rejected in favour of non-regulatory action. In practice, this approach favours inaction.

Good, well-evidenced and proportionate regulations in health and safety, based on full consultation, are developed and adopted because they save lives and protect people’s health and wellbeing. They are not “burdens on business” but provide essential protection for the public from identifiable risks.

At this crucial time of national reflection and sorrow, we urge all politicians to re-emphasise the need for effective health and safety regulation and competent fire risk management. These are fundamental to saving lives and sustaining our communities.

We believe it is vital that this disaster marks a turning point for improved fire safety awareness and wider appreciation that good health and safety is an investment, not a cost.

We call on the Government to accelerate and confirm the timeframe for completing its review of Part B of The Building Regulations 2010 and to include a focus on improved safety in the forthcoming Parliament.

Together, we offer our organisations’ support in undertaking the review – we all have valuable links to experts in this area who can advise on best regulatory outcomes. In the meantime, we welcome the Government’s commitment to act and to implement the interim findings of the forthcoming public inquiry.

You have it in your power to remove immediately a further risk to people at work and outside of the workplace – unwise deregulation – which threatens public and worker safety.

We, leaders in health and safety in the UK, call on you to scrap the Government’s approach to health and safety deregulation and think again. This could be announced immediately, it does not need to await the results of a public inquiry, and is the least that the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire deserve.

Yours sincerely,

Park Health and Safety

Lawrence Waterman OBE


Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Graham Parker, President

Bev Messinger, Chief Executive


Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Errol Taylor, Acting Chief Executive


Lynda Armstrong OBE, Chair

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive

British Safety Council


Supported by:

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

Anne Godfrey, Chief Executive


Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA)

Peter Crosland, Civil Engineering Director


International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM)

Siobhan Donnelly, President

Phillip Pearson, Chief Executive


National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH)

Teresa Budworth, Chief Executive


Trades Union Congress (TUC)

Hugh Robertson, Senior Health and Safety Officer


Unite the union

Susan Murray, National Health and Safety Adviser


Stephen Asbury CFIOSH

James Barnes BSc (Hons) LFOH

Karen Baxter CMIOSH

Roger Bibbings MBE

Melanie Boucher, MSc CMIOSH

Joe Brannigan LLB (hons) DipLP PgDip Construction Law CMIOSH


Professor Neil Budworth MSc CFIOSH FIIRSM HonFFOM

Dr Tim Carter

Iris Cepero, Editor, Safety Management Magazine

Professor John Cherrie PhD CFFOH

Arnold Clements BSc, MSc CMIOSH CEng MEI

Philip J Cullen BSc (Hons) CMIOSH


Declan Davis CMIOSH

Brian Donnachie BA (Hons) CMIOSH

Phil Dyson-Hurrell MIIRSM

Coenraad Fourie


Shelley Frost BSc (Hons), Post Grad DipOHS, Executive Director – Policy, IOSH

Professor Alistair Gibb PhD CEng MICE MCIOB, Loughborough University

Melodie Gilbert

Dr David Gold PhD CMIOSH, Chair, IOSH Fire Risk Management Group

Robert Hackett

Neil Hancox CMIOSH, Managing Director, Safety Intervention Services

Anne Harris

Cllr Ali Hashem

Andy Hawkes, Deputy President, IIRSM

Angela Hayden CFIOSH

Clinton Horn CFIOSH


Chris Hughes BSc, LTT Consultancy

Ian Hughes MSc BSc (Hons) Cert Ed Dip2OSH SPDipEM CMIOSH

Kelvin Hughes CMIOSH

Dr Roberta Jacobson OBE

Clive Johnson, Council Member, IIRSM


Wayne Jones, Chair, Cardiff & South East Wales Occupational Health and Safety Group

Wendy Jones




Cllr Caroline Needham

John O’Keeffe CMIOSH

Shirley Parsons MSc CMIOSH

Louise Phillipson

Stu Pollard BSc, PgCert CMIOSH

Ian Rabett CMIOSH

Dylan Roberts

Angela Rudkin Tech IOSH

Mike Salmon MSc, CFIOSH

Jonathan Schifferes MA

Jim Senior CMIOSH

Phil Sidman MIFE, MIFPO

Karl Simons MSc MIoD CMIOSH

Dr Susan Tannahill CMIOSH

Mohammad Torabi BSc MSc MA CMIOSH

Ceiran Trow CMFOH


Michelle Twigg MSc CMIOSH

Alex Vaughan

Dr Emma Wadsworth, Cardiff University

Professor David Walters, Cardiff University

Louise Ward BSc (Hons) CMIOSH

Selina Woolcott BSc (Hons) DipOHS CMIOSH


Since the letter was published, the following signatories have added their support:

Louis Wustemann Editor, IOSH Magazine

David Dyer TechIOSH

Peter Smith

Robert McDonough BSc (Hons) GradIOSH

Michael Haynes-Coote CMIOSH


Alan Hewett BSc (Hons) CMIOSH

Jeanette Reid, Heriot-Watt University

Charlie Lineham Park Health and Safety, BSc (Hons) Occupational Health RN

Paul Bradley MA, BSc, BA, CMIOSH



John Constable BSc, CMIOSH

Tonya Overal

Kaye Miller Cranfield University

Garry Fleming TechIOSH

Trevor Alexander CMIOSH

Diane Thomason CMIOSH MISTR

Melissa Angell RN, BSc Park Health and Safety

Kirstie Spencer CFIOSH University of Plymouth

Brian Blake

Andy Bryson BSc (Hons) CMIOSH

Peter Roddis MBA CMIOSH

Rob James TechIOSH


Graham Clarke B.Eng MSc CMIOSH

Dr Phil Walsh PhD CMIOSH

Dr. Michael Cash PhD (Cantab) CFIOSH Operations Director, SSG Training and Consultancy


Alan OHagan CMIOSH

Steven Osborn MInstP CPhys CEng CFIOSH CRadP

Doug Russell MSc CMIOSH Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers


Darren Parkinson Grad IOSH

Phil Adams Dip.RSA CMIOSH MIFSM MIIRSM OSHCR Registered Consultant Logic Safety Solutions Ltd

Eleanor Pirie MSc, BSc, CMIOSH

Sarah Steers BSc(Hons) MSc CMIOSH University of Northampton

Andrew Thompson GradIOSH

Colin Sandiford MISTR CMIOSH

Miriam Cooper TechIOSH

Vicki Humphreys Astutis

Hollie Baxter Safety Management Advisory Services

Stephen Reeve ARMS Reliability Europe

Marlon Lloyd Sherwood Belgrave Project Management

Dr. Andy Berry (CFIOSH)

Tracey Steans IOSH

Stephen Loynton

barry jackson briskaid

Emma Cordiner

Keith Driver SKF

paul wellings skf

Richard Bennion

Dr David Thomas C Eng MIOM3 CMIOSH FHEA MSc BSc IOSH Council Member

Andi Whittle Royal Mail

Tim Williams Royal Mail

Susan Lowvie Royal Mail


Ian Smith Dip NEBOSH, Grad (iosh) Hallmarque Associates

daniel stewart Newsprinters

Pompiliu-Alexandru Toma

Zoe Hopson

Rachel Churchman Blackmores UK Ltd

Sarah Catt THSP


Steve Snell Guys and St. Thomas Hospital

Paul Stephenson CMIOSH

Dafydd Pugh-Jones CMgr CMI Adapt.Wales

Shna Abdurahman Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Gabrielle Shepherd Grad IOSH Shepherd Safety Solutions

Malcolm Bevan Malcolm Bevan Coaches

Janet Brooks

James Bell CMIOSH Eye On Safety Ltd

Michael Sutton TechIOSH

Geoff Wilson BA CMIOSH


Jacqueline Hunt CMIOSH

Greg Johnston CMIOSH

Fabian Murphy CFIOSH

Adam Johnson-Charge Botson Daniels

Louise Davies Botson Daniels and Associates

Michael Smith Playfords Ltd

Chris Sandford TechIOSH AIEMA

Williams Amadi TechIOSH SIIRSM

Donna Hulme CMIOSH

Steve Ballard London Hazards Centre

Steve Fowler CMIOSH Amarreurs Consulting Ltd

Scott Bradbrook Bennett Construction

Nadine Bloxsome Aluminium


Eddie Harris KMS

Richard Harrington-Groves

Debbie Leslie Grad IOSH Sussex Downs College

Christine Bass London Youth

Ken Catmull

Phil Chitty Tech IOSH MIIRSM

Jon Hood

George Fairweather Speedy Waste Management Solutions

Martin Daley NVQ LV 6 Diploma- Construction Site management. NEBOSH

Gerald Colverson CMIOSH

Laura Shore NEBOSH

Michelle Johnson TechIOSH MBIFM

Alison Mair CMIOSH AM Safety Services Ltd

Wendy Smith

Steven Adams Safety technical Services

Paul Mahoney Paul J Mahoney (Inspiring Safety) Ltd

Jayne Townsend BSc, CBIFM, MCIOB

Steve Reid DJT Surfacing Ltd

daniel staines Tech IOSH PIEMA Sapa profiles uk

Rudis Valdmanis SAPA Profiles

Rachel Beckett

Sardip Dhami Wolters Kluwer

Jonathan Hughes CMIOSH

Derek Spence, Tech IOSH

william reid wr consultants ltd

kim J Martin

Colin Morrish CEng MIMMM, CMIOSH

Joanna Wawrzyniak Samworth Brothers

Robert Gathergood

Graham Harris CMIOSH, MIIRSM, MIoR, ICIOB CTC South West Ltd

Rebecca Lambert HSE People

Mary Jane Aduana Association of Safety Practitioners of the Philippines inc. (ASPPI)

Lee Dunworth CMIOSH NBCUniversal

Mark Lambert HSE People

Rahim basha Saudi arabia

Jennifer Bartlett BSc DipNEBOSH CMIOSH GIFireE

ALan Cole

Amanda Shenton ResM, BSc, GradIOSH

Peter Dobson CMIOSH MSc BA Hons

Gordon Stewart CMIOSH

Stuart Wright Tech IOSH Veritech Systems Ltd

Daniel Wells TechIOSH JDR Cable systems


Cathy Norton BackupHR

Nigel Hammond MacIntyre

Jonathan King

Andrew Holmes Wilmerhale

Paul McBride TechIOSH

Mary Carter Tech IOSH

Javid Ram BA (hons), Msc, AIOSH J.R. Health and Safety Consultancy Ltd

Michael Short FWD-IP ltd

Karen Buck Member of Parliament

peter snell GRITT

Andy Slaughter Member of Parliament

Zoe Barnes

usman khan all bawani ksa

Martin Prior

Andrew Hayes Blue Sky Consulting

Fiona Potter. MSc, BSc (hons), CMIOSH, MIIRSM

Matt Gifford

Arlette Gard MEng AIOSH

Paula Dolton Tech IOSH, FRSPH

Meirion Webber Grad IOSH Kerneos

Rodgers Nicholas Banda K and N

Nicholas Cann Tech IOSH

Zameer Hussain Hashmi

Neville Whitham Grad IOSH MIIRSM

Anthony Tetlow CMIOSH - Managing Director Safety Smart Ltd

Zameer Hussain Hashmi IDipNebpsh, MIIRSM

Paula Seemann CMIOSH Managing Director, Ahead Start Consulting

Andrew Phipps NHS

Martin Hopper TechIOSH

Mark Lentell Princess Yacht Limited

Matthew Robertson-Jones BSc PIEMA Princess Yachts Ltd.

Jorgie Spicer-Williams Tech IOSH Tradesmen for london

Nicholas Craddock Tradesmen for London

Sir John Hackett. Bsc (Hons) Grad IOSH

David Bain Cala Group

Martin Brennan CMIOSH PIEMA

Rosie Russell, SFIIRSM, GradIOSH

Tim Sullivan CMIOSH

Graham Witte CMIOSH

Ian Walters BSc TechIOSH Galliford Try

Mohammad Gazan Pamaloy, HSE people

Jose Jacob D. Almonte

Sally Drew (IOSH Member) Kier Group

Debbie Johnson

Paul Simister, GradIOSH, MIFSM

Bryony Coram High Care Health and Safety Ltd

Alan Stanley Yodel

Neil Smith CMIOSH University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Ngozi Ozonzeadi

Darren Nightingale

Jonathan Breeze CMIOSH

Simon Hollingsworth

Tim Nutting

Steve Bladon Baldwin Boxall Ltd.

Bernard Carey, CMIOSH Belvoir Safety Services Ltd

Gildas Griffiths NHS Wales (NWSSP)

Tony Chatfield SrPara FCMA NHS

Paul Barrett Grad IOSH

Natasha Hamblin GradIOSH J A Stott Carpentry Ltd

David Smith Royal Mail

Steve Cook TechIOSH Britannia Safety and Training

Mark Thornewill, CMIOSH

Terence Harris, BSc (Hons), DipOSH, GradIOSH, ACIEH Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Andrew Wigley Tech IOSH A F W Training Limited

Jim Tongue CMIOSH

Colin Hind Rosler

Andrew Favell CMIOSH

Kirk Sollitt

Graham Watson CMIOSH, MRSB, CBiol Retired

Josie FitzGibbon Crest Nicholson Plc

Roger Neal CMIOSH

Roy Anthony D Padua IOSH MS

Sharon Harwood TE Connectivity

Cheryl Burton Park Health and Safety Partnership

Ian Viveash CMIOSH

Des Loughney Secretary, Edinburgh Trade Union Council.

Richard Ball

Philip Kelly TECHIOSH Allpoint Industrial Solutions

Sian Sukhai Quantum Innovations

Catherine mercer Ba Hons Event manager at undisclosed


Steve Morris MSM CMIOSH

Kelly Nicoll

Khushal Khan Khattak AHI

David Pearson GradIOSH

William Tisdale TechIOSH

Andrew Rippington BEng(Hons);IEng;MICE;PIEMA;CFIOSH;DipNEBOSH BAM Nuttall Ltd

David Drudge Grad IOSH Highbury College

Ian Swann Ian Swann Associates

Sherryl Cousins BSc (Hons) CMIOSH

Phillip Reid Grad IOSH


Tony Crowther CMIOSH

John Kirtley IIRSM (Retired member)

Amanda Campbell

Michael Pytel CMIOSH

John Knight CMIOSH

Lord Bill McKenzie President RoSPA

Tim Briggs CFIOSH Chair Professional Standards Committee IOSH Course Director Leeds Beckett University

Godfrey Kiarie

Geoff Trevor De Montfort University

Ian Carroll BSc CChem MRSC CertOH LFOH CMIOSH University of Southampton

Lindsey Kimber CMIOSH

Andries J. Van Wyk | CMIOSH

Anthony Evans Callsafe Services Ltd

Sufyan Abushaala University of huddersfield

Suzanne Dixon Kedleston Safety

Senver Antonio Clarito

Andrew Radford CMIOSH

Paul Donaldson Tech IOSH Chairman Tayside Integrated Safety Association

Gary Reed

Daniel Moriarty BSc HDipHSWW DENVSP BS Grad IOSH

Malc Staves

Gigi R. Derrota IOSH

Gliceria R. Derrota Grad IOSH

Muhammad Shahid MSc Env. MSc Petroleum, GradIOSH Vivid Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Phil Rae

Pauline Moore GradIOSH DipNEBOSH

Peter Reynolds Grad Iosh

sufiyan siddiqui,- EHS Specialist from Nawada(India)

Martin Hadley

Emrys Pritchard CMIOSH Northumbria University

Glenys Neville CMIOSH, PIEMA

Madeleine Breach TechIOSH


Stephanie Hull-Hatton Tech IOSH

Steven Doyle BSc Grad IOSH

Darren Honeyford CMIOSH KDK Safety Ltd

Professor Sayeed Khan MBBS BMedSci FFOM FRCGP FRCP MD

John Geoffrey Charles Johnson

Julia Slater, CMIOSH

Generoso T. REMOLONA Ehs

Peter Stephenson

Andrew O'Donnell Southwest health and safety training Ltd

Colin Nunn Grad IOSH


Gillian McLean Grad IOSH

Katy Owen

Robert French Grad IOSH

Nikki Coles-Cross

Owen Pearce CMIOSH Utilities industry

Adnan khan

Fortune Abumere E

Brian Houghton BSc(Hons), MRSC, CChem, FRSPH, CMIOSH Houghton Safety Services Ltd.

Lance Higgon-Young Tech Iosh

Joe Morriss Tech IOSH House of Goodness

Sarah P Parker

Gagan Vashishtha Al Shirawi

Dean McLean BSc, GradIOSH, MIIRSM

Greg McGhee CMIOSH Viridor

Carrick Brown

Gordon Fields

Gemma Worgan Dip2.OSH CMIOSH PIEMA

Michael Mullins

Julie North CMIOSH

Danilo De Jesus Jr.

Paul Blackham

John Garside Self employed

Mark Taylor

Nithin Pavithran

Aaron Cawley TechIOSH

Norma Watson

Robert Bruce Jackson GiFireE Tech IOSH

Vivienne Saunders

Robert Lankford DipEp SBStJ

Madeline Dobson

Donna Walker CMIOSH

Douglas McShane TechIoSh

Mike Blackburn CMIOSH

Joselito Ancheta TechIOSH

Terence Morrissey

Frankie Hopkins

Patrick Neilson Environmental Health Student

Colin Dobson

Graham Richards Tech IOSH

Lisa Valentine GradIOSH MBIFM Valentine Facilities Management

Barry Wilkes CMIOSH

Rosemary Naylor BSc (Hons) CMIOSH MCIEH

Philip Mitchell

Graeme Robertson

Mark Farrell

Ian Patterson CMIOSH

Charles Sanderson GradIOSH

Emma Gatehouse

George Onuaguluchi Bsc, NeboshIGC, MISPON

Helen Truman


Steve Masters Grad IOSH, FIIRSM, CMaPS SPM Safety Services Ltd

Jennifer Mulgrew-Smith BSc CMIOSH

Jean Embury Embury-Brookes HSE Management Systems

Christopher Maley MSc CMIOSH

Ionut Murariu AaPS

Graham Hayward IOSH retired.

Graeme Murphy Unite @ TT Electronics

Sajid Ali

Muhammad Umair Latif

Vince Ball

Slav Litwin Tech IOSH Siemens

Noel Brennan fiosh

Antonio M C Ponte - grad IOSH

David Campbell

Elaine Osborne BSc MSc DipNEBOSH GradIOSH

Matt Baker BSc (Hons) PgCert MCIOB GradIOSH

Sally O'Donnell CMIOSH CQP

Charlotte Brazier-Morley

Antonio Ponte grad IOSH All KINGDOM PSI SERVICES Ltd

Nicola Kemmery BSc (Hons) CMIOSH

Isthar Pearce, CMIOSH

Mohammed Hameed AlGhanmi

Chukwu Anderson Emeka

Sarah Lyons Tech IOSH

Ian Slade

Amy Shannon GradIOSH

Georgia Ratcliffe Warrington Collegiate Programme Leader for Construction

Rich Broddle Senvion UK


Steve Prest CMIOSH

Qadeer Ahmed Mal8k Malik trade test and training centre

Caroline Day

Bryan Holland, L.L.B. (Hons.), I.Dip.NEBOSH

Phil Watson. CMIOSH

G Paul

Sophia Handz

Lee Dougan

Syed Farhan Ali


Alex Murray Tech IOSH SIIRSM

Bryan McCracken CMIOSH

Zubair ahmad

Paul Simon Crompton Unison member.

Allalou Hassene HSE Manager

Mohammed iqbal Grad IOSH

Joffrey Marquez

Tauqeer khan Bacs

Martin Hammond CMIOSH

Muhammad Shahid PTCL

Peter R Holford Msc BEng DipCM CQP I Eng MIET

Stephen Bullock Tech IOSH

Mohammad Naushad


David Gover Grad IOSH GIFireE

Graham Roden

Christie Costelloe, Tech IOSH Site Safety Services

Kamran butt

Sharn Race

Ali usama Royal training and consultancy

Jagannath Env; IDip Nebosh (GradIOSH)

Casimiro L. Flores, Jr ASSPI, BICOL OSHNET

Tim Corbett. CMIOSH

sanjith sanjithkg

Mian Aamir

Chris Garlick MSc GradIOSH

Eddie Allan Gradiosh WGM Engineering Ltd

Victor Simion CMIOSH

Angela Blakesley Grad IOSH

Anshul Jaswal

Danielle Brown

Glynn Gibson CFIOSH

Anoop Unnithan TechIOSH

Mark Hicks GRAD IOSH

Nicola Darling TechIOSH HSS Training

wahab alam inspire safety engineering

Stuart Ford CMIOSH

Wendy Wright

R and R Safety Systems Ltd. Liverpool

Michael Cave

Liz Skelton CMIOSH Dixons Carphone

Alain Jason Galvez

Brian Parker Grad IOSH MIIRSM

Eric W Davis TechIOSH

Mark James - CMIOSH Oakland International Limited

cristian abante

Steve Hattersley CMIOSH Ennjay Solutions Ltd

Matt Hortop Tech IOSH

Alan Thomas CMIOSH RMaPS

Jess Walters

Bridget Gilmour BEng (Hons) CFIOSH

Chloe Steward

Melissa Jones Bsc (Hons) MRICS TechIOSH Cognita Schools Ltd

Dionne Atkins CertRP

Abdul Rehman

Craig Milligan

Guy Beards CMIOSH

Chris Kennedy BSc Grad IOSH

Ryan Chavenia

Andrew Beales AIOSH

Tim Breeze

Clayton Henson Rail Construction industry

Vicki willis Grad Iosh

Shaun Malin

Dr John Drury University of Sussex

William Heal PhD, Ass IOSH, member ISTR, MRSC

Jay Joshi CMIOSH

Michael Nimmo Tech IOSH CMaPS

Szilvia Kovacs CMIOSH

Biononie Markines IOSH 1

Mike Talmey

Mark Richards-Buadromo

Ahamed Rowson

Ergul Kalkan Account Director

Alan Anderson TechIOSH Safescope Ltd

Phil Hughes MBE CFIOSH MSc

Lesley McLeod, CEO The Association for Project Safety

Bobby Chakravarthy The Association for Project Safety

John Nielsen The Association for Project Safety

The Association for Project Safety

James Addley The Association for Project Safety

Stella Saunders The Association for Project Safety

Colin Seditas The Association for Project Safety

Richard Wilks The Association for Project Safety

Tony Vosniak The Association for Project Safety

Frances Ferguson

Les Johnson The Association for Project Safety

Laura Hardie The Association for Project Safety

David Ashworth The Association for Project Safety

Jonathan Moulam The Association for Project Safety

sarajane cocca

John Johnstone MIIRSM

Andrew Walker Grad IOSH Achilles Information Limited

Wali Soliman Safe Zone

Dr Karen McDonnell CFIOSH, OHS Policy Advisor RoSPA, Immediate Past Presudent IOSH RoSPA

Nicola Deal CMIOSH

Robin G Gonard JP MEng CMIOSH AIExpE

John Mulhaney CMIOSH

Martin Bevan (CMIOSH) Devon County Council

Christina Butterworth SCPHN, Hon FFOM Faculty of OH Nursing

Ian McCarroll TechIOSH Cert Ed


Mark Tissington GradIOSH NE-SAFE Limited

Jim Robson FIFireE MIFSM GICG MInstLM TechIOSH ACT Safety Group

Arran Linton-Smith MSc CFIOSH FCIOB

Glyn Ford MSc CMIOSH


Katie Miles CMIOSH

Jane Riley Tech IOSH

Dean Watkin TechIOSH

David J Reed GradIOSH AIEMA

Mike Campbell-Mills Dip.RSA CMIOSH IIRSM (OSHCR)

Gary Walpole National Fedration of Roofing Contractors

John Keenan

Rachel Suff Policy Adviser CIPD

Keith Flockhart CMIOSH

Steve Metcalf. Grad IOSH Amey

Barry Johnston Grad IOSH

John Norris. SBStJ GIFireE TechIOSH AIIRSM Norris Safety

Jason Brill CMIOSH

Iain Audus

Janette Stewart

Benjamin Freight GradIOSH

Andrew PS Ebben CMIOSH GIFireE FCIMSPA AQUA Leisure Safety and Training Services

Louise Williams

Chris Lea CMIOSH

Margaret Davis UNISON

Milan Petkovski

Barbara Haward CMIOSH University of Portsmouth

Rosie Butler

Jonathan Pile Compile Consulting

Julia Quinn Tech IOSH

Ottobong Roland George Grad IOSH

Timothy Carr

Jan Moore CMIOSH

Cherie Coughlan BSc (Hons) Grad IOSH

Jonathan Holman MSc PIEMA SIIRSM TechIOSH

Liz Hansen

Angela Too MSc CSci TecIOSH

Patrick Hannaway CMIOSH

Luvinia Sadyan Sadyan Safety Solutions Ltd

Lee Griffiths MSc, CMIOSH

Emma Sneddon

Waleed alam HSE officer

Terry Chandler MIFSM, Grad IOSH

David Williams

David Cant CMIOSH, RMaPS, MIIRSM, MinstLM, OSCHR Veritas Consulting

David Bennett CMIOSH

Laura Cade Outtakes

Nigel Roberts


Kevin Taylor National Federation of Roofing Contractors

Caroline Shelton

Chris Kelly Skanska

Will Murray GradIOSH

Joanna Carrington (CMIOSH 100105)

Nabeel khan engineering

Carolyn Dukes Safety Synergy Ltd

Frank Horn CMIOSH British Film Institute

Andrew Taylor

Martin Marmoy-Haynes CMIOSH BSc MSc LPD JEM Safety Management Limited

Stephen Tucker Grad IOSH

David Thomas Thomas Safety Services Ltd

Dr Joanna Wilde C.Psychol. Director, Council for Work and Health

Sally Gatward IOSH

Paul Cross CMIOSH

Dave Christian Castillon Tech IOSH

Bill Fordyce MSc Emergency Management; CMIOSH. Dublin.

Trevor Johnson CDM Consult ltd

Louise Parton-Ginno GradIOSH

Steven Lawrie MSc BSc (Hons) GradIOSH

Simon Hartshorne Pindari Ltd

Phillip Davies Construction Safety Solutions

Mark A Stevens Grad IOSH Building Safety Group Ltd

Richard O'Neill

Roxanne Woodiwiss

Helena Phillips GradIOSH

Dean Humphreys

Saccha Johnson PhD PGDip(Health Ergonomics) PGDip(OSH) CMIOSH

Lee-Anthony Carpenter MCIEH District Environmental Health Officer Local Government


Adeel Gul Memon Freelance

Patrick Keady CFIRM CFIOSH, Non-Executive Director Institute of Risk Management

Stuart Wood

John Johnston BA GradIOSH, Chair of RoSPA's Awards Excellence Forum Health and Safety for Beginners

Mike Cosman CMIOSH, CMNZISM Chair New Zealand Institute of Safety Management

Sally Campbell

David Jackson

Emma Morton (TechIOSH) SKF

Steven Coyne

G.S.Tantum Tech IOSH

Angelique Restall Iosh

Carolyn Thorne

Gavin Williams Vale of Glamorgan Council

Malcolm Haswell

Thomas Grierson

Claire Saunders

Ceri Boyd

Gemma Scotney

Claire Walsh, CMIOSH, MIIRSM

Jack Hughes TechIOSH AIEMA

Jamie McLaren-Smith

Lee Taggart IOSH

Robert Jowett XPO Logistics

Chris Jackson CMIOSH, MIH, National Chair National Association for Safety and Health in Care Services, NASHiCS

John Murray Premier Woodlands Ltd

Craig Watson

Dr John S. Partington, Tech IOSH

H Navsaria Safer Together Ltd

Everett Christian Rees Crabtree Tech Iosh

Aasif Jameel

Mehboob Reza MSc CMIOSH IOSH

Baha Ortakcı HSE Turkey

Amado Gutierrez Tee HSSE Officer

Shona hopkins

Alan Plom AP(HSC)

Silvio Petrasso CMIOSH

Iftikhar ahmed

Angela Lewis

Tony Whittaker Howdens Joinery

SRINIVASAN PERUMAL Safety Practitioner at Dubai - UAE


Philip Short

David Scott Insight Safety ltd

Clare Walford, MSc CMIOSH MIIRSM

Mohammad.Mofiz Ahmad HSE practitioner

Shaik A Samad GEMS Technologies International

James McKay Tech IOSH

Ruth Wilkinson

Ruth Wilkinson BSc MSc CMIOSH

Ruth Lovelock RN

Claudia Russell

Philip Downward

Irfan Parvez MS Environment

Lynne Slater

Mrs Dawn Fielding MSc NEBOSH NDC Global Auditors Ltd

Nathan Talbot University of Huddersfield

Philip Walker TechIOSH, MBIFM

Katie Duncan

Glenn Ramsden UK Event Safety

Suzanne Elliott

Awais Ahmed Shaikh Occupation safety and health center, Directorate of labour,Government of Sindh, karachi, Pakistan

Christopher J Jehan Jehan Safety Limited

Laszlo Bukkfalvi Grad IOSH, BSc (Hons), PGDip (IT), PGDip (OSH)

Bernard Woods MA(Law) CMIOSH MIAM

Mark Swinden

Rufai Akintunde Aderemi

Dr Mark Ariyanayagam Queen Mary University of London

Paul Jones GradIOSH JP Safety Services Ltd

Hamdan khalid bestway cement limited chakwal pakistan

Ted Creedon CMIOSH, NQEMT cpl Institute

Keith Underhill 3dotdash Ltd


Esther Richardson

Mark Hulme PIEMA

Liz Cole

Andrew Morgan

Dorian Pursey, TechIOSH

David Green Bsc MSc MCIEH Grad IOSH Local Authority EHO

Uzoma Nnadi Glasgow Caledonian University

Robert Ironmonger GradIOSH

Gerry Duffy CMIOSH

Charlie Clarke

John Winter CMIISH MIIRSM Winsafe Occupational Health and Safety Services Ltd

Oladele Ogunwole Grad iosh member.

Benjahmin Baker BSc (Hons)

David V.J Morgan

Graham Sergeant BSc (Hons) GradIOSH

David Whiting CMIOSH

Nick G Gill BA; TechIOSH

James Jameson RISETODAY



Ann Diment AMD consultancy

Stephen Galloway

Richard Jeffs GradIOSH MIIRSM

James Parker

Claudette Lambert


Alan Dixon MSc(Eng) BSc(Hons) PGCE CMIOSH SpDipEM

Paul Morgan

Stephen Johnson Tech IOSH

steph Wilson - Tech IOSH, MIIRSM

Alan Penter

Dr. Douglas W.S. Renwick

James Ottery Va

James Ottery Bsc CMIOSH

Beverley Wrigley IEng MICE TechIOSH CMaPS Engaging Safety Limited

L J Hubble N/A

Mark Harrison Together Housing

Douglas Cameron CMIOSH Law At Work

Garry allen

Brian Phillips

Elizabeth Stockham GradIOSH

Paul Budden PgD Grad IOSH FIIRSM RSP ACIEH Wessex Safety Services LLP

Ian Walters- BSc (Hons); CMIOSH Independent Consultant

Andy Kowalski MRSC MIScT FCMI Andy Kowalski Consulting

Rebecca Christmas Tech IOSH Keltbray

Jane Wathall GradIOSH

Gary Boyce

Dr J Lamb

Garry Graham- Deputy General Secretary Prospect

Paul Kimpton, Managing Director Building Safety Group

julie arvidson IOSH

Claire Ferdinando Tech IOSH The Training Finder Limited

Tracey Ayton Harding, Head of Health and Safety UNISON

David Mattock CMIOSH Beacon Safety Consulting Ltd.

Alexis George BSc (hons) The Crown Estate

Amanda Iweanya BSc (Hons) CMIOSH

Duncan Stanley

Kevin Mark Watts

Matthew Clayton Director - Marus Safety Solutions

Isaac Kanagwa MBA

Michelle Muxworthy MSc CFIOSH Vice President IOSH

David Anderson GradIOSH MRSC University of oxford

Gary Fern

Adrian Steele TechIOSH

Rob Foster CHASE Consulting Ltd

Liz Dunn

Simon Ward CMIOSH

Mike Doherty CMIOSH

James Stapleton CMIOSH

James Stewart BSc (Hons) MSc CMIOSH CLSO MIIRSM LVR Optical

John Turner ACII CMIOSH SIRM Arthur J Gallagher Risk Solutions

Richard Mitchell TechIOSH N/A

Karen Whitfield TECH IOSH Check Safety Services Limited

naomi mandel2 cmiosh

Pauline Baxter Grad IOSH

Mrs Kirsty Young. BEng (Hons). Tech IOSH Management Consultant for Joseph Parr Group

Nana Kwarteng-Ababio MSc BSc(Hons) TechIOSH Livis Ltd.

Stephen Wright TechIOSH

Ray Newell Dip SM MIIRSM RSP Tech IOSH

Antony Eckersley BSc (Hons) CMIOSH OSHCR TSE Solutions Ltd

Emma Walters

Ian Drew Moss GradIOSH

Artis Rees MSc

David Crowe Levy Restaurants UK

Tim Beard CMIOSH

Kieran Duignan CMIOSH

David Thomas M.Sc. CMIOSH FIIRSM RSP FISQEM FCMI FInstLM MIFireE Thomas Safety Services Ltd

Adam Elsworth GradIOSH

Cheryl Gray CMOISH

John Beardmore, Managing Director T4 Sustainability Limited

Nigel Dunmore Tech Iosh NDJ Safety Limited

Naomi Mandel CMIOSH

Iain Robertson MRICS CBIFM Ascension Island Government

Bethan Williams TechIOSH

Will Barker CMIOSH

Sara lumley

Chris Morgan


Neil Chatten, BSc (Hons), MSc, CMIOSH


Heather McQueen Pearson

Stuart Nattrass CBE FIOSH (retired) IOSH

Roy Hambleton Retired IOSH member


Mark Bamford

Mark Edwards - Grad IOSH, PIEMA - Director Daily Risk Solutions Ltd

Derek Maylor CWU North West Safety Forum

Susan Wilks Dip2OSH, CMIOSH, MSc

Bob Pedley Bob Pedley Safety Services Ltd

Morgan Foley BTech PGDip CMIOSH CMSE®

Jack Lee

Vanessa Stevens Grad IOSH

Jack Lee CMIOSH - BA Hons

Paul O'Day MSc BSc(Hons)

Juan Pedro García Calvo Grad IOSH

Pat Kilburn

Jamie Fitzroy BSc Hons, CMIOSH

Paul Mahoney CMIOSH

Simon Bannister CMIOSH OSHCR Invicta Safety and Health Ltd

Rod Heyward

Allison Barnes University of Huddersfield

Ian Bell Tech IOSH

Lesley Cunningham MSc, CMIOSH Cunningham SHE Services Limited

Nicholas Wills Grad IOSH

Andrew Wilkinson CMIOSH Sherburn Safety Services Ltd

philip plume

Lucian D'Arco Grad IOSH, DipNEBOSH THSP Risk Management Ltd

Lawrence Ang TechIOSH

Michael Bush

Mark Gollings

Janine Hamilton MSc AMIChemE Tech IOSH

Dominique Perrissin-Fabert, MSc CMIOSH

Derrick Peggs

Susan Gardiner Tech IOSH

Ian Waldram MA, CFIOSH, MIMechE

Princewill Bavoh BSc (Hons) Tech IOSH

Jimmy Whiteside

Andrew Clarke (Grad IOSH)

Peter Webster

Fred Ratky PCSafe Ltd.

Simon Anthony Roskilly BSc CEng MICE CMIOSH

Martin Burke CMIOSH


Steve McLaughlin Tech IOSH, AIIRSM

Karen Strengiel Nicolao Tech IOSH

Tony Hayward CFIOSH

Catherine Davidge PgC, CMIOSH, MISTR

Timothy G Lay BSc (hons), MBA, CMILT, CMIOSH

Seamus Lally

George Mills BA CMIOSH

Martin Jackson, Tech-IOSH, MIoD, MIRO, AIEMA Morrison Utility Services

Colin Morrison

Trevor Theadom Tech IOSH

C G Edwards GCGI Grad IOSH

Sean Sullivan

Jean McKenna

Rob Haworth GRADIosh

George A Spiers Scottish Ambulance Service

Gareth Stent CMIOSH

Declan gibney Iosh

David Booth

Arvinder Sagoo, TechIOSH

Davie Duff C.M.I.O.S.H

Roy Featherstone CFIOSH Health and Safety Consultant

michael flannigan

John Cuthbertson


Robin Tanner, CMIOSH

Tracy Wade

Joseph Leigh

Peter Lester. Tech IOSH

Craig Foyle CFIOSH President Elect (IOSH)

Gary McAteer Energy Coast Safety, Health and Environmental Management Solutions Ltd

Vinesh Ganesh, Health and Safety Consultant

Clark Graham

Vincent Theobald-Vega FIIRSM, FRSPH, CMIOSH, MISTR, BSc, MSc, PgDip, Cert Ed (LLS) Safety 4 HEd LLP

Andrew Welton

Andrew Boyd Tech IOSH Enviro-Clean (Scotland) Ltd

Arun J Kumar

Steve Griffiths Grad IOSH MIIRSM

Tracey Quigley CMIOSH Scottish fire and Rescue

Nikki Thorne Tech IOSH

Abdul hanan

Ian Waddell

Simon Rosser IOSH

Paul McGarry Green Cross Training

Richard Davies CMIOSH

Barbara McAuley CMIOSH BBM Health and Safety Services

Jean Brown , Health and Safety Advisor Aberlour Child Care Trust

Frankie Martire RoSPA Public Health Support Officer

Prof Roger Haslam, PhD, C.ErgHF, MIOSH

Roderick Laird IOSH North East of Scotland Chair

Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive Child Accident Prevention Trust

Robert Atkinson CFIOSH MSc BSc (Hons) PgDip

Jackie Wooldridge

David Fagg BSc. MSc. CMIOSH Laketown Associates

Sally Shihadah CMIOSH University hospitals North Midlands Trust

Jim Dorman St Andrew's First Aid

Terence Michael Dixon MIOSH (retired)

David Downes

Becky Bradshaw GradIOSH

Andrew McNair

Andrea Simon

Andrew McNair Grad IOSH, Dip RSA

Andy McNair, Grad IOSH, Dip RSA

Bob Bridge Bridge Safety and Training

Kenneth Lawrence

Robert Jennings TECH IOSH Unite Union Safety Rep

Stewart Melvin CMIOSH

Brian Newall

Bob Bridge BSc (hons) Tech IOSH Bridge Safety andvTraining

Austin Baird Incident Free Solutions

Norman Stevenson FIIRSM

william gundry BSM Consultancy Ltd

Julie Marmoy-Haynes JEM Safety Management Ltd

Councillor Melvin Collins London Borough of Hounslow

Simon Rafferty

Ellie Apperly

Donald Macfarlane CMIOSH

Lorraine Dixon Gateshead Council

Richard Habgood Past President Association for Project Safety


Gwen Howard

john pilgrim CMIOSH

Fran Childs

F. D. Needham IOSH

Michael jones GMB


Andrew Porat BSc CMIOSH

Gillian Wilson

Dean Greer

Charlotte Fisher GradIOSH

adrian wykes

Mary Moody Grad IOSH IOSH

Philip Bound GradIOSH

John Doherty

Nick Hadfield

Martin Kirk MSc (Merit), BSc (Hons) MIFireE , CMIOSH, PIEMA, MIRTE, Eng Tech, MSOE, LCGI.

Paul Reynolds I.Eng.IGEM, Grad Iosh, MIIRSM IOSH

David Michael Bradney CMIOSH

Michael Rimmer MPR Safety and Training Consultants

Vanessa Brett MCIEH CEnvH Harlow Council

Andy Thomson Tech IOSH Arco Training and Consultancy

Keith Syers Health and Safety rep ASLEF ILFORD DEPOT

Chris A Taylor techIOSH, TMIET

Lucy Gordon

Andrew Fergusson

Sharon Hopkins

James Murphy

Deana Barratt CMIOSH

Jan Valentine

Leanne Ward MHRA

Benn Heatley

Simon Wesolowski (Grad IOSH) Consult Health and Safety Limited

Andrew Foster CFIOSH

Toni Agland GradIOSH

ken Best CMIOSH

Derek Turtle Tech IOSH

James Gilbert TechIOSH

Samantha Howatson Arcus FM

David Muirhead Health snd Safety Manager

Colin Murray C.Eng. MIMMM, SIIRSM, MInstLM, Tech IOSH

Alex Shannon BSc MSc CMIOSH

Naomi Moghaddam

Simon Morriss

Alison Melrose M.Sc. B.Sc (Hons) CMIOSH

David Shaw IOSH, APS

Kevin Lightbody Dip NEBOSH Tech IOSH

Michael Ayres

Professor Rory O'Neill Hazards magazine, editor

Douglas McFarlane Glasgow Clyde College

Chris Garfitt

Ellysse Derrick Arcus

Scott Crichton CMIOSH

Charlie Peel

Samuel Walker

Mike Kirkham-Ingram

Waleed Aboelenien IOSH Midland, Committee Member

J. Scott Ellis (CMIOSH)

Lucie Meekings

Elena bremner

Philip Nightingale

Mark Drury, DipNEBOSH, SpDipEM, CMIOSH

David Birrell Home Safety Scotland

Carl Green DipNEBOSH GradIOSH

Victoria Challis GradIOSH

Jason Storey

Laetitia Maryse Cassignac

Gillian Lloyd SHE Matters Ltd

Rachel Pearson

Melanie Holt

Suzanne Amor CMIOSH

Michael McBride

Jennifer Henderson

Malcolm Lochrie

Kevin Went Grad IOSH

Andrew Kersley Tech IOSH

victoria smith Arcus

Teresa Gorham Grad IOSH Dip. RSA

Diane France Shipley College

Antony Thomas

Margaret Hanson C.ErgHF FIEHF, CMIOSH WorksOut

Douglas Porter

Andrew Gaffney (Grad IOSH)

Lenie Cox-Sijm

Hilda Palmer Hazards Campaign

Joanne Henshall

David Ellis

Alvin Gan, CSP, CIH, GradIOSH

James Lloyd St Andrew's First Aid

Matthew Streuli School Crossing Patroller, Iver Heath

Gary Brennan BA (Hons) CMIOSH

John Cowden CMIOSH

Mike Kelly

Phil Burman BSc(Hons) GIFireE

Graham Moorhouse

Aamir Shahzad CMIOSH

Wayne Midgley MSc, CMIOSH

Antony Thomas BSc (Hons) MSc CMIOSH

David Duxbury-Williams GradIOSH NDipM MInstLM

Steve Jackson EEF Ltd.

Louise Brearey MBE CMIOSH

Michelle Wilson Your Safety Works


shaun stanger

Dr Emilia Crighton, Deputy Director of Public Health NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

ALAN HARMOND Thameside Fire Protection

Olan Adebayo MSc CMIOSH

Paul Roche CMIOSH

Daniel Rimmer Wiltshire Council

Andy Blackledge CMIOSH MIIRSM BAM Nuttall Ltd

Derek J Brighty

Clive Stallwood BV Inspectorate

Sean Maguire APS Chair NI Region

Robin McCloy BSc (Hons), TECH IOSH, CBIFM

Linda Ibbitson-Elks Grad IOSH, MIIRSM, ACIEH

Gary Moseley

James Brown FIChemE MIIRSM RSP Director - JBSB Consulting

David Wilkinson IOSH

Samantha North CMIOSH

Belle Daly Tech IOSH

Alan Walkinshaw CMIOSH


Chris Walker TechIOSH C.Mgr MCMI

David Hoy

Lisa Helena Kelly

Dalvinder Masaun (Chartered Member IOSH)

Glenn Langham CMIOSH

Douglas Bugeja IOSH

Alexandra Warner

Katrina Kendrick Editor, HSE International Magazine

Bridget Horgan Lighthouse Consultancy and Training

Brian Sullivan Member of the Institution of Occuupational Safety and Health

Jack Burton, BSc Firesafety/Eng, Dipe Fire Eng, MIFireE, Cert Ed, Tech IOSH, LCG Burton Safety Solutions,

Brett Day MIIRSM

Grahame Calver

Michelle Hay Michelle Hay Training Limited

Lee Gunner

Roberto Salamanca CMIOSH

Reg Whitfield Furlong Safety Services

Max Bancroft, MRSC, MIOSH (Ret)

David Lindesay Carilion

Ann Murray CMIOSH (Retired)

Janet Ross

Nick Lyne

Richard John Hennessy CMIOSH MIIRSM

Gideon Martins Royal Mail

Craig Maxwell

Christopher Evans Safety Consulting Partnership Limited

Anne Isaacs Vice Chair, London Metropolitan Branch - IOSH

Oliver Tim Schauenburg Grad IOSH,

Andrea Watts

Alex Tully CMIOSH

Paula Dyer

Leigh Hayman MSc CMIOSH

Danny McCreath CMIOSH

Alan Hale FRSPH. Tech IOSH

Stephen Butcher CMIOSH MIIRSM Construction Safety Services (NW) Limited

Andrew Fraser BSc (CEng) MICE MCIHT

Leyton Russ IOSH

David Buchanan BSc(Hons) CMIOSH

Paul Foster

Gerard McCartney Tech IOSH

Lindsay G. Murray

Bref O'Rourke Northern Safety Limited

Gavin Clarke, Operations Director 4see Ltd

Mala Wilson

David Bannister Liability Risk Services Ltd

Molly Lau, Health and Safety Officer in Hong Kong

Rachel Marriott

Roger Philpott Winchcombe Foodbank

Lesley Holliday TechIOSH

David Brede David Brede (SHEQ Services) Ltd

Gerry Griffin MRSC

Phil Davies TechIOSH

Brian Auld Ch.EHO MREHIS | Grad IOSH Safe Buildings - Church of Scotland

Richard Milligan University of South Wales

Gary Sterling Tofts CMIOSH PIEMA

Claire Wiscombe IOSH

Lorna Tanner

Zoe Palmer-Smith Palmer Smith Consulting Ltd

Anna Glover CMIOSH CSP

Dominic Roarty

Linda Cunningham

Jaspal Singh Mundh Dip.RSA CMIOSH MIET

Suzanne Renton Network Rail

Wolfgang Kurz Lindner Interiors Ltd

Colleen Hickey CMIOSH

Craig Silcock, EHS Manager

Keith Vickerstaff Dip RSA

Peter Garbutt BSc CMIOSHNational Association for Safety and Health in Care Services (NASHiCS)

Neil Russell Tech IOSH

Les Jevins Senior Support Coordinator

Kevin Byrne CMIOSHHalo SQE Ltd

Peter DonnisonMember of Association for Project Safety. TechIOSH

Duncan Callow-Evans

Vanessa Carty

Judy Charlton CMIOSH

Laurent SeurinChartered Safety Practitioner

Daniel Prosser

Barry Lambert BSc(Hons) MSc(Eng) CMIOSH CErgHF

Carole Baugh

Michael ElliottRoad Safety Consultant

Anita BathgateCornwall Foundation Trust

Stewart Lewis CMIOSH

Julie Potts Dip.NEBOSH

Blair Liddell Tech IOSH

Colin ClarkCALA Group

Derek DayTalma Day Services Limited


Sam Pearce

Gerard CassidyGrad IOSH

Priscila Tear, GradIOSH

Prakash Narola

Christine McDonald TechIOSH

John F. Smith CMIOSH


Danny O'Donnell CMIOSH

Gillian Lindsay

Graham Fairlie MA CMIOSH

Rebecca Hankinson CMIOSH

Christopher Clark Tech IOSH North Cumbria University Hospital Trust

Susan E Smith CMIOSH

Steven Dowling Do the Right Thing!

Stephen Chick CMIOSH

Steve Hanson Callidus Health and Safety Ltd

Katherine Randell CMIOSH

Dominic Passman

Lynda Jones GradIOSH DipNEBOSH

Sarah-Louise Isaacson Challen Commercial Investigations Ltd T/A Ensafe Consultants

Ray Winnett

Paul Mooney Tascomi Ltd

Greg Kirkwood Tascomi Ltd

Angela Cluley CMIOSH

Deborah Biddell MBIFM

Roger Read CMIOSH Safety Concepts Ltd

Victoria Read DipNEBOSH GradIOSH Safety Concepts Ltd

Helen stiles Health and safety advisor, CMIOSH

Andrea Roberts TechIOSH

Mike Fullalove GradIOSh, MIIRSM

Owen Twort Nebosh MBIFM

Bill Crocker Tech Iosh, MRICS, MEPS Delegated Services

Dexter Dyett

Amanda Chapman

Keith Sillitoe CFIOSH The British Safety Council

Andrew Hall CMIOSH

Dr Chris Day MA CMIEH CEnvH

Keith Heyworth

Craig Calvert Come back in one piece ltd

Danny Berridge

Chris Lothian CMIOSH Hawk Health and Safety Services

Madiha Hameed

Daniel Weetman MSc MCIEH

Stephen P Alcock Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Jonathan Cruickshank, Bsc (Hons) PgDip MCIEH

David Whitehurst Tech IOSH

Martin Turner B.Sc. (Hons), DMS, MCIEH CEvH, FPH Associate Healthy Home Check Limited.

Steve Murray (CMIOSH) East Renfrewshire Council

Siobhan Metcalfe BA(hons) BSc (hons)

Joanne Flanagan


Jon Berman C.ErgHF, C.Psychol, FCIEHF, AFBPsS Greenstreet Berman Ltd

Paul Hayles Serco

Kenneth Cook

Howard Whiting

Dr Fulcieri Maltini FM Consultants Associates

Mark Wheatley Tech IOSH AIIRSM

Joanne Beaven

Kathleen Jenkins Scottish Hazards

Antony Wood B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc, Pdip, MCIEH, GradIOSH. M.D. - Homes4Yorkshire Ltd

Andrew Barnett GradIOSH MIIRSM

Abigail Robertson

Antony Wood B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc, Pdip, MCIEH, GradIOSH. M.D. - Homes4Yorkshire Ltd

David Watson

Noman Javed

Stephen Wilson

Janine Drew BA(Hons), CMIOSH, MIIRSM, FInstAM Director, DBA Safety Ltd

Frank Macleod

Adam Cooper

Daniel Taggart GMB Health and Safety Rep

Ciarán Delaney PC CMIOSH HDipLDT DipSHWW DipEnvSP IOSH Council Member

Pamela Waddingham

Jill Yeates

Roger Holt CMIOSH

Kay Moss

Nicola White MSc CMIOSH

Richard Parry CMIOSH, PIEMA

Rosemary Brown

Sue Cotterill

Alan Peek MIFireE

Doreen R Kersey B.Sc. (Hons) CMIOSH Corporate Health and Safety Coordinator

Mick Deary

John Murray APS Northern Ireland

Paul Wallis HA surveyor

David Fellows FRICS, CMIOSH

Barrie Holbrook Tech IOSH / RMAPS Warbuton Associates

Alan Brain IMaPS Foreman Roberts Consulting

Chris Ross CMaPS JC+P

Joanne Cornish CMIOSH

Sarah Susman

Manuel Bueno Del Carpio Senior Structural Safety and Design Engineer Sandwell MBC

Daren Lawson Callidus

Nolan Briggs Atkins Ltd

sarah daniels The RedCat Partnership Ltd


daniel blakeley CDM Services

Simon Scurfield MRICS, CMaPS

Andrew Hall BSc (Hons) MRICS RMaPS The Association for Project Safety

Stephen Dallow BSc (hons) Tech IOSH, CMaPS, Post Grad Dip PM Construction Design Management Project Coordination (CDMPC)

Simon Mitchell MCIOB CMaPS

Robin Hillier Forever Green Projects Ltd

Anthony Heaton-Jones (IOSH CMAP) CHASE Consulting

Paul Stead BSc(Hons) CMaPS PIEMA

Paul Swales APS (Incorporated Member)

Raymond Bone IOSH

John Chrastek CMaPS

Robert Armstrong MSc CMIOSH CMaPS

Robert Kelly BSc (Hons)

Charles Thompson Association of Project Safety

Paul McCool CMaPS

Alistair Brierley Association for Project Safety

Stewart Douglas MSc MCIAT MCIOB MCABE CMaPS CDM Services Limited

Chris Breavington BA Hons DipNEBOSH Grad IOSH, CMaPS

Mark Donald Tech IOSH, ACIOB, IMaPS Southern Housing Group

Odwyn Howells IEng AMIStructE MICE IMaPS

Mark McDonnell CMAPS

Nigel Leake Member of the Association for Project Safety

Andrew Ramsay

Danny Ballinger Association for Project Safety

Keith Davies Association of Project Safety

Wendy Wallace CMaPs TechIOSH AIIRSM

Andrew Jmp TechIOSH

Andrew Lock

David Carr Callsafe Services Limited

Beverley Sexton MIOSH, FCIOB, CMaPs, MIIRSM, CEnv, MIEMA Jackson Jackson and Sons Limited

martin spicer

Shirley Williamson SNIPEF

Mike Palmer BSc (Hons), CBuildE, FCABE, FCIOB, MRICS, CMaPS

Julien Dixon AGS Construction Group

Lorraine Rice CDM Contract Services

Mr Jon Ireson CMIOSH

David R V Smye

Graham Bishop MSc Dip Surv MRICS MEWI IMaPS Graham G Bishop - Chartered Surveyors

Chris Moran MCIOB, IMaPS

Jonathan King BEng Hons CMIOSH CFaPS Safety Management Director WYG


Adrian Harper MSc MCIOB CMaPS AIIRSM Harper Envirosafe Ltd

Russ Charnock

Debra Kilvington, Silver DCC Ltd

Sean Maguire, RPP Architects Ltd, Chair APS NI Region

Steve Lazenby, Lazenby Construction Safety

Gareth Welch , RLF

Paul Hancock BSC MRICS PWA Designs Ltd

Robert Adderley TechIOSH

Jane Carrington

Eamonn Roberts, Senior Environmental Heath Officer


Parry Morgan Association of Project Safety

James MULKERRIN Graduate member of CABE

Caroline Hutchings

Andrew Bruce

Alistair Reid CEng MICE CMaPS

Christian Briant FIIRSM IIRSM

Alison Lindley, BSc.(Hons), MSc., CMIOSH, CMCIEH Lindley Safety Solutions

Elaine Waddoups Education

Tom Bell, Chief Executive The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS)


Andrew Thompson Dip RSA GradIOSH Leeds College of Art

Dean Trigg TechIOSH

Dawn Hall

Roy Nice TechIOSH

Richard Gorman Tech IOSH

Paul Baskeyfield MSc GradIOSH

Manoj Kumar Rayaroth Lahmeyer International,Abu Dhabi.UAE

Lynda Hoy

Stuart Witty

Dean James Man of Steel (PM) Ltd

Richard Bladon CMIOSH

Amanda Fairless BA (Hons) TechIOSH

Daniel James Gallacher CMIOSH Kier Group

Richard Walsh (Grad IOSH)

Nicola Nicholson (Prof Dip (SHEM) GradIOSH Self

John Kelsey Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, University College London

Kirsty Johnson Tech IOSH

Roy Lawrence, Chairman Raytel Group Ltd

Steve Haigh Safety Counts

Jonathan Parker Tech IOSH

Matt Hanwell

Andrew Deacon CFIOSH Regional SHE Manager EMEA DSM

Gerry Irvine Private Health and Safety Adviser

Catrin Brown Tech IOSH MCIEH

Robin Corbett BSc TechIOSH Southwark Safety Limited

Nicola Bhattacherjee

Nigel Hammond MacIntyre

Craig Robert Scrivens Maintenance Officer Belgrade Theatre

Roy Featherstone CFIOSH Featherstone Safety Services

Margo Campbell CMIOSH

Richard J Beales CFIOSH The RJB Partnership

Susan Matthias

Gareth Langley FIIRSM TechIOSH IMAPS Walker Cotter Safety Ltd

Farah Nadia Ali



Stephen Taylor-Davies CMIOSH CChem MRSC MIFireE MIFSM

Laura Beales RJB Partnership

Samuel Nesbitt

Dan Martin

Susannah Aptowitzer CMIOSH

Paul Griffiths

Stephen Galpin BA IEng FIET MIOSH

Michael Coates CMIOSH / CEnvH//MCIEH

James Pretty TechIOSH

Beverley Rooke CMIOSH Construction, Engineering Consultant and Trainer

Emma Weaver

Rebecca McAllan

Juan Carlos Arias GradIOSH

Paul McLaughlin, CEO The Building Engineering Services Association, BESA

Matt Griffiths CMIOSH IMAPS

Dr Alison M. Caswell Leeds Beckett University

Clive Werrett PhD CMIOSH MRSC CChem

Mike Dobson MoD

John Tyler BSc (HONS) CMIOSH

Allan Johnson CMIOSH IOSH

Michael Hoyland TechIOSH

Rob Gwyther

Professor Hans Kromhout

Kevin Reade AIOSH, GIFireE

Phil Kirby GradIOSH

Andy Levy BA (Hons) MSc MAPM


Stacey Monteith-Skelton

Simon Lockett Grad IOSH

Philip Amos Evans IOSH

Colin Craney

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