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Find out about our Emerging Risk Leaders Network

In a connected world, our collective awareness of the consequences of poor risk management is higher than ever. Carillion, FIFA, RBS and Kids Company all act as testament to this, and have demonstrated the devastating effects on employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and the wider economy.

To channel this increased risk awareness into positive action, we are reliant on passionate risk leaders who can champion good practice and influence others of the benefits of building resilient organisations through effective risk management.

Whilst in prior decades risk professionals ‘grew’ into their careers from adjacent subjects, such as manufacturing operations (health and safety), or accountancy (internal audit), more people than ever before are actively choosing a career in risk based domains.

Emerging risk leaders have a responsibility to embrace our new and complex reality. They need to embody excellent leadership and embed a culture that recognises everyone as a ‘manager of risk’. 

IIRSM recognises that the growing population of risk professionals will become future business leaders, and it’s vital that emerging leaders have the opportunity in which to learn, grow and showcase their talents with peers from different sectors, organisations, risk based domains and the wider business community.

To register your interest to hear more about the network and potentially join, please email 

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