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Changing Chairman

Our new Chairman is Peter Hall. Keith Scott stepped down but remains on the Board. It is some five years since Keith became Chairman and I am sure that all will agree, that over these past five years, the Institute has developed and enhanced its reputation both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Members will be aware that the Institute has been heavily involved with both the UK Government and the HSE over recent years. We have successfully represented the voice of the profession through the Lord Young review and the Löfstedt review. Importantly, we are now seen as a major stakeholder and are fully engaged with the processes of influencing the health and safety agenda in the UK.

Keith’s Chairmanship also covered a period of intense work to redefine our international credentials. Overseas membership has grown by 61% over this period and importantly, in parallel with the development of our international branch structure, we find ourselves involved more and more with helping to influence the health and safety agenda overseas. Currently, we are engaged with the Nigerian government, the rewrite of Construction Regulations in Dubai and the implementation of the Abu Dhabi Emirate Occupational Safety and Health Strategy.

Through our Chairmanship of the International Commission on Occupational Health, we are also involved at NGO level in developing new ways of thinking about common occupational health issues and in helping to develop practical solutions. In India, we have been working with partners to develop and enhance the role of the health and safety professional and the contribution that they can make to this vibrant and developing country.

We have also recognised the need to become involved with the developing European Agenda and are working closely in partnership with the European Occupational Safety and Health Agency. This cooperative stance had led to Barry Holt, IIRSM’s Director of Policy and Research, being co-opted onto a European Union steering committee and the agreement by EU OSHA to provide a Director on IIRSM’s Board.

All this together with active contacts as far afield as Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Pakistan, Kuwait etc. means not only that IIRSM has developed into a truly international body, but is instrumental in representing the interest of the profession in over 70 countries world-wide and is seen as an important partner by many governments and NGO’s.

Brian Nimick, IIRSM Chief Executive

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