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New member magazine coming soon

Plans are underway for your new member magazine, coming in the New Year. 

The bigger magazine will replace Health and Safety at Work magazine and Insight in it's current form.  It will be developed in collaboration the new member-led Content and Editorial Panel and volunteers from the wider membership.

We look forward to bringing you opinion, case studies, insights, research, career stories and commentary relevant to you.  We are keen to have significant member input and your ideas for content are welcome.  If you want to get involved please email Clare Fleming.

The final edition of Health and Safety at Work magazine will be the October 2019 issue.  We'd like to thank LexisNexis for our supportive partnership over the years and wish them well as they focus on their core magazine portfolio.  You will continue to receive Insight in it's current form for the rest of the year.


The Health and Safety at Work website will close on 31 October 2019.  IIRSM members will continue to have full access until that time.  We are working with partners to signpost and share health and safety content with those members who wish to receive this from additional sources.