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New – Pilot mentoring scheme

Following the 2017 membership survey, significant interest was expressed in IIRSM running a mentoring scheme. We will pilot a scheme in the first half of 2018 and are currently initially seeking Fellows to volunteer to be mentors.

Purpose of IIRSM's mentoring scheme 

Mentors share their expertise to help less experienced members develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours to achieve their professional objectives. Discussion points for mentors and mentees may include:

  • Career development – developing a strong CV, enhancing your LinkedIn profile, interview techniques, taking the next career step etc
  • Technical knowledge – identifying practical tools, techniques, models or theories that can be applied to a mentee’s day-to-day role etc
  • Business skills – developing strategy, using data to influence commercial decisions etc
  • Behavioural competences –how to be influential, strategic, innovative etc
  • How to and benefits of progressing through IIRSM membership.

Mentors do not need to be in the same location as prospective mentees as e-mail, phone and Skype allow mentoring to be effectively delivered without direct face-to-face contact.

Benefits of IIRSM's mentoring scheme

Mentors benefit from the opportunity to:

Mentees have the opportunity to:

  • ‘give something back’ to their profession
  • utilise and build on their skills and experience in developing others
  • enhance own status amongst peer groups
  • grow their network
  • earn CPD points
  • discuss work related challenges and objectives with an impartial person who can offer fresh and neutral perspectives
  • learn from a more experienced person who has ‘been there, done that’
  • receive dedicated and structured support in the development of their knowledge and skills
  • grow their network
  • earn CPD points

For detailed information about the pilot mentoring scheme and how to apply to be a mentor, please read the Mentor Application Pack.

Deadline to submit an application to become a mentor is 12.00pm on 23 February 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Holly Mulvihill-Clark on or +44(0) 20 8 741 9100.