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Managing Risk training

Do you want to

  1. make better decisions?
  2. be better prepared for a crisis?
  3. be better positioned to grasp opportunities?
  4. gain practical tools to identify and manage risk?
  5. know how to make your organisation more resilient?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, book your course today.


We know disruption and uncertainty are rampant. They are both today’s realities and will continue to challenge the stability we took for granted pre Covid-19.

Climate change, cyber threats, complex regulatory environments, data breaches, pandemics, and high levels of workforce anxiety are just some of the challenges that organisations face, whilst being expected to meet stakeholder expectations.

Risk management is about understanding what might happen. It is about having the skills, tools, behaviours, and culture to be able to make the right decisions, by the right people and at the right time. It has never been so important to have the ability to identify, manage and communicate on risk.

Our courses

Our courses are underpinned by the principles of the global risk management standard ISO 31000. They are highly practical and use real-world case studies, scenarios, and group discussion. They provide not only a practical and enjoyable experience, but you will gain new and invaluable knowledge and skills that can be applied straight away.


Managing Risk – the essentials (new live online course)

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Managing Risk - in a day (classroom based)

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