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IIRSM is working with employers and recruitment agencies worldwide to find the best career opportunities in risk management for you. The full Job Listings, along with careers advice, will appear in IIRSM's Member Resource Hub, but here's an introduction.

 What do employers want?

by Laura Aucott, Associate Director, HSE Recruitment

Ah the age old question – what is it that employers want? Now if only I had a pound for every time I had been asked this!

Joking aside, this is an important question, and particularly so at the moment. It is extremely competitive out there, with more and more people looking for work and to improve their situation (cost of living crisis anyone?)

The good news is that employers at the minute are very open to looking at potential – most understand that with the cost of living rising it has never been harder to move a like for like professional. Most safety and risk professionals at the minute (and this isn’t specific just to safety and risk but to many industries) are wondering why they would take a sidestep, when it doesn’t improve their prospects or improve their salaries (better the devil you know.) As a result, we are finding more and more that employers are open to accepting those ready to take a step up on the career ladder, bringing with them untapped potential and room for development. If you are an advisor looking to become a manager, or a manager ready to become a Head of, the good news is that there has never been a better time to make that leap!

But to get noticed you really need to demonstrate that potential. Standing out from the crowd should be your number one priority (so that employers and recruiters can find YOU) so demonstrating through LinkedIn and personal branding that you are committed, passionate, and a rising star is key. Think about engaging with more CPD events and talking about your experiences on LinkedIn, write some blogs about your innovations at work, and really demonstrate that you are one to watch. Little things like this will absolutely increase your visibility in the marketplace and ensure that committed employers, who are looking for potential and willing to develop you (aka the dream) are seeing and approaching you, giving you options to increase your salary and progress your career.  

And of course, make sure to reach out to recruiters like myself for support!

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