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IIRSM's Emerging Risk Leaders' Network

In a connected world, our collective awareness of the consequences of poor risk management is higher than ever. Carillion, FIFA, RBS and Kids Company all act as testament to this, and have demonstrated the devastating effects on employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and the wider economy.

To channel this increased risk awareness into positive action, we are reliant on passionate risk leaders who can champion good practice and influence others of the benefits of building resilient organisations through effective risk management.

Whilst in prior decades risk professionals ‘grew’ into their careers from adjacent subjects, such as manufacturing operations (health and safety), or accountancy (internal audit), more people than ever before are actively choosing a career in risk based domains.

Emerging risk leaders have a responsibility to embrace our new and complex reality. They need to embody excellent leadership and embed a culture that recognises everyone as a ‘manager of risk’. 

IIRSM recognises that the growing population of risk professionals will become future business leaders, and it’s vital that emerging leaders have the opportunity in which to learn, grow and showcase their talents with peers from different sectors, organisations, risk based domains and the wider business community.

To register your interest to hear more about the network and potentially join, please email 

Introducing the network

Whatever your role, you will make decisions that involves an element of risk. Risk management cuts across every business discipline, function, seniority and beyond into our personal lives.

IIRSM is establishing an independent network to help emerging leaders build their contacts and develop their knowledge, skills and competences to address the challenges and risks of today, and in the future. The network will also support and mentor the next generation who are soon to enter the workplace.

The network is free to join for IIRSM members and will typically be for those who are in the first half of their careers, and are either aspiring to attain, or are in their first real leadership role. Members of the network will be required to be able to demonstrate innovation, influence, creativity, but most of all leadership to deliver positive impactful outcomes through effective risk management practice.

The objectives of the network are to:

  1. showcase talent and achievements of emerging leaders in the risk and business community

  2. support future leaders overcome challenges to achieve career aspirations

  3. utilise the experience of the network to help support/mentor the next generation

  4. help future leaders make new contacts and develop new skills, knowledge and competencies 

As a member of the network, you will benefit from:

  • profiling opportunities showcasing your expertise and achievements
  • participating in roundtables, workshops and action learning sessions
  • networking and building contacts within a diverse risk, safety and business community
  • engaging and mentoring the next generation of risk leaders
  • accessing support to help you solve and navigate challenges
  • attending an annual drinks and networking reception
  • leading and contributing to technical output
  • receiving a quarterly magazine profiling network members and topical case studies
  • receiving a discount from IIRSM’s Futureproof course for aspiring leaders
  • influencing the direction of the network as it evolves
The purpose of the network

As an independent educational risk charity, our purpose is to promote and enhance the practice of risk management for business, governments and society at large. We do this by:

  • raising awareness of the vital role risk management plays in protecting profits and reputation, and more importantly lives
  • helping people and organisations achieve the highest levels of risk competence through ongoing learning

The purpose of the network is to bring together an independent, friendly, diverse and global community to debate and navigate the issues we face, and to produce practical and informative information and resources.

Criteria and process to join

To join the network, you will be required to be a member of IIRSM and demonstrate:

  1. how you have taken the initiative on a project/issue and used creativity, leadership, influence and collaboration to deliver impactful outcomes.

  2. how you will commit to the network and its activities. Ideally, we would be looking for a minimum commitment of between 3-4 hours per month.

The process to join the network will be to complete an application form setting out how an applicant meets the criteria and to include an up to date CV.

If your are interested in being part of the network, please email

Employer engagement

Employer engagement and supporting their people to participate in the network is key to its success. In return, employers will benefit from:

  • developing future leaders of their organisations
  • accessing free workshops/seminars to be delivered internally by members of the network
  • gaining new and improved skills, competences and mind-set in risk decision making
  • retaining talent
  • adding value to the organisation by recognising risk as a core competence for all
  • being seen as an employer that invests in future leaders attracting new talent
  • raising organisational profile by your people’s achievements

We want the network to be truly international and for emerging leaders from around the world to participate. Therefore we want employers from around the world to support the network.

Employers can support the network by:

  • encouraging and supporting their people to participate
  • providing venues for free to support meetings and networking events
  • feeding into an employer panel to help develop future network activities
  • sponsoring to help establish and develop the network
Sponsorship opportunities
Working in partnership

We want to work in partnership with organisations that are aligned with our values, and want to support current and future talent. Sponsoring the network enables you to demonstrate your commitment to attracting and retaining competent risk leaders, and highlighting the vital role they play in creating value to improve performance, profits and reputation, and more importantly protecting people through the effective management of risk.

We are seeking up to four non-competing lead sponsors and a number of supporting sponsors.

Lead sponsorship package               £6,500 + VAT per year

As a lead sponsor, you will benefit from:

Direct benefits

  • providing an opinion column in each edition of the Network’s magazine with a supporting optional webinar/video on the same subject
  • networking with a pool of risk talent 
  • accessing the network to help explore/solve business risk issues
  • participating in and endorsing technical output and profiled as a lead contributor  

Profiling benefits

  • sponsoring and attending the annual networking drinks reception
  • participating in a panel discussion event prior to the drinks reception
  • judging the John Bennett Award for Exceptional Young Person of the Year Award and attending the Risk Excellence Awards Dinner
  • having your logo on all relevant activities and literature
  • commenting in press releases for the network’s launch and major activities/outputs

Supporting sponsorship package              £2,500 + VAT per year

As a supporting sponsor, you will benefit from:

  • having your logo on relevant Network activities and literature
  • attending the annual networking drinks reception and pre panel discussion event
  • branding at the annual networking drinks reception
  • contributing articles, blogs and case studies to the quarterly digital magazine and website
  • participating in technical output led by the network and profiled as a supporting contributor 

Discounts are available for multiple year deals.

If you are interesting in sponsorship of the network, please do get in touch to discuss.

Sophie Williams, Director of Professional Development

Email: Tel: +44 (0)20 741 9100.