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IIRSM's Emerging Risk Leaders

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IIRSM’s Emerging Risk Leaders are an international community of aspiring risk leaders who collaborate and support each other to tackle challenges with confidence and insight, and to further their careers.

Network members are nominated by their business leaders as part of their development plans and accepted based on meeting the minimum criteria set by IIRSM. They will gain access to an online community area, opportunities to collaborate with and learn from their peers through quarterly online forums and enrolled onto IIRSM’s mentoring scheme to access one-on-one expertise.

The ERL Network is open to IIRSM members by nomination only and subject to capacity. This ensures the quality of the relationships and opportunities to be gained through this community is aligned with members’ expectations and provides knowledge and tools of value.

To maintain membership to the ERLN members must proactively contribute to projects and discussions as well as attend at least 50% of the online meetings.

As this is an international community it is managed via an online platform where discussions, meetings and resources can be more accessible.

By participating in the Emerging Risk Leaders’ Network members will:

  • Demonstrate commitment to professional growth and development
  • Foster relationships with a diverse community of risk related professionals
  • Learn from the shared experiences of an engaged and supportive network, all with common goals
  • Gain profiling opportunities through IIRSM’s communications channels
  • Have access to a IIRSM mentor for one-to-one support
  • Be able to take new skills, knowledge and mindsets to their roles and/or organisations to overcome challenges and position themselves for career development

By nominating an employee or colleague to join the Emerging Risk Leaders’ Network you will:

  • Contribute towards the growth and success of their career
  • Help to diversify and shape the future of the risk management profession
  • Influence how the challenges of today’s risk management workforce are tackled
  • Support the IIRSM community and vision

Our first meeting under this exciting new direction will take place in January 2024. To nominate someone in your team to join the Emerging Risk Leaders’ Network please complete this short application form and we will get back to you within 10 working days.