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IIRSM's Emerging Risk Leaders


Most of us have been there - in a new leadership role, changing industries or taking on new responsibilities.

Helping emerging leaders (and our wider membership) tackle those daunting challenges with confidence and insight is what this network is all about, perfectly aligned to IIRSM's purpose.

The network aims to support the professional development of our future risk leaders and to foster social connections to help develop both professionally and personally.


"We help emerging leaders tackle challenges with confidence and insight.” Callum Irvine, Network Chair


We have established an international working group with a melting pot of experiences, industries and geographies, but all united by their appetite to lead on risk.

The working group is responsible for driving the network’s direction and agenda, including raising the profile of the network members, engaging and recruiting new members to join and contributing to the outputs and learning activities within the network. We’re all truly excited to see where they will head with IIRSM's full support. 

Click here to meet our working group members.

Get in touch to register your interest if you’d like to join the network or get involved in future activities. Simply email us at

Career Spotlights

As part of our mission to inspire the next generation of risk management leaders and identify potential career paths, we have developed a series of insights into the careers of senior risk professionals across a diverse range of industries. They will allow people to understand the challenges and opportunities of specific roles and benefit from hindsight of experienced and respected risk professionals. Click here to view these inspiring leaders.

Click the image below to read the latest edition of the network's eZine.


The purpose of the network

The purpose of the network is to specifically: 

  • Support its members develop their influence and profile within their place of work and beyond. 
  • Empower members to build career success by learning from and supporting others from different industries, risk disciplines and geographical locations to cross-pollinate ideas, knowledge, best practice and lessons learned.
  • Facilitate opportunities to showcase member capabilities through delivering informative and novel ideas and solutions through different channels.  
  • Promote the importance of developing risk and leadership skills early on in careers.

Our international working group has set themes each year that set the framework for our small, agile workstreams that all feed into three high level objectives. This allows our group to deliver regular, relevant resources that both support their own development and benefit future risk management professionals. 

Below is an overview of each theme. 

Thought Leadership


2022/23 Objective: Position ourselves as influencers in, and of, the risk management profession.

Workstream 1: Podcast series: The ultimate risk professional in 2030. Each one exploring the traits/ requirements of the ideal future risk professional. 

Workstream 2: Career pathway: Guidance to meeting the established requirements of becoming the ultimate risk professional.


2022/23 Objective: Promote diversification, in all its forms, in our organisations and the wider risk community.

Workstream 1: Case study: Following the journey of 2 previous Pillar B members in different geographical locations or different industries, on their next steps and actions from taking the Safe365 risk assessment tool to their organisaitions, identifying common and different themes in approaches, communication style, culture etc.

Workstream 2: A series on exploring lessons learned from the barriers our networks have faced and/or overcome from a diversity, equity & inclusion standpoint.


Career Acceleration

2022/23 Objective: Develop a suite of tools to support career development of Network members.

Workstream 1: Develop the first in a series of ‘Top 10’ documents that support a career goal within our community.

Workstream 2: Curate a careers workshop and networking opportunity for the Emergins Risk Leaders' Network.

Emerged Support

Share your knowledge and experience to inspire our group 

The working group are looking for senior risk professionals and leading organisations to support with their learning and projects. This includes: 

  • Facilitating connections with your contacts or known organisations for us to share information with and raise awareness of our work
  • Recruiting high profile leaders, from all areas of risk, to be interviewed to generate informative short video sound bites, as well as more in-depth interviews for The Sentinel and the ERL e-mag
  • Sharing your experience and best practice with us in interviews or articles
  • Host online events to inform and/or inspire our emerging leaders on topics that are important to them

Please get in touch if you can help. Just email us at setting out how you can support, and we’ll be get back to you.


Working in partnership
Working in partnership

We work in partnership with organisations that are aligned with our charitable values to educate and support current and future risk talent.

Supporting the Emerging Risk Leaders' Network enables you to demonstrate your commitment to developing risk leaders and the vital role both risk and leadership skills play in creating and maintaining safe, healthy and resilient people and organisations. 

We are looking for partners to support this great new initiative and the benefits include:  

  • Contributing features, opinion columns and knowledge pieces to the network's e-magazine.
  • Sharing your achievements and case studies via webinars or videos.
  • Networking with a pool of risk talent.
  • Accessing the network to help explore and help solve your risk issues and challenges.
  • Profiling your brand via events, research/technical output, social media and the e-Magazine.
  • Demonstrating your expertise in panel discussions at events, webinars or via podcasts.
  • Having your logo on all relevant activities and literature.

If you're interested in supporting the network or want an informal chat, please do get in touch with David Hamilton, Partnerships Manager, at