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IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards 2019

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Celebrating risk excellence - from saving money to saving lives.

Have you something amazing to share? If so, enter our awards and shout about it.

The awards are independent, recognising innovative individuals, teams and organisations responsible for implementing best practice in managing risks and opportunities.  

Whether you work for a large multinational with big budgets and lots of resources, or an SME or charity with small budgets and limited resources - the principles of managing risks and opportunities effectively equally apply. Taking a 'risk-based' approach at all levels within an organisation is essential for strategy development, operational performance and a strong reputation.

The awards are open to everyone and we welcome entries from all sectors and types of organisations, no matter how large or small.   

Our inaugural Risk Excellence Awards proved extremely popular and it was a real pleasure celebrating the achievements of our winners, highly commended and finalists.

Being a finalist, highly commended or winning provides a truly independent recognition of your hard work, and showcases to employers, customers, clients and others the differences you make to your organisations, profession and society.

Why enter?

  • A credible opportunity to share in our vision to raise the profile and standards of risk and safety management within industry.

  • An independent sought after accolade of achievement.

  • An endorsement of your successes, which offers exceptional marketing and PR opportunities, as well as increasing your credibility and profile amongst your peers, clients, suppliers and customers.


The awards recognise and celebrate the successes of IIRSM members and the wider risk, safety and business community. The awards raise awareness of the benefits of risk management and encourages individuals and organisations to follow best practice.

When submitting your awards applications, please note, some or all of the work and benefits need to have been achieved during the last year.

Click on each category below to view the criteria.


Barry Holt Award – Outstanding Risk Management Practice

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Barry Holt was an advocate of the risk management profession, well known for his academic accomplishments and knowledge.  He worked with IIRSM from 2010 until his death in 2016.  He spent 35 years providing consultancy and training services to many of today’s best recognised global industrial brands. This award acknowledges those that demonstrate excellence in risk management benefiting people, society or business.

Award criteria

Open to individuals, teams, partnerships or organisations that can demonstrate innovation, collaboration and excellence in risk management, contributing to the success of an organisation and its stakeholders.

Judges will be looking for:

  • A clear link between a risk management initiative and organisational goals.
  • The impact the initiative had on organisational culture.
  • What makes the initiative stand out.
  • Evidence of the benefits the initiative has brought the individual, team, partnership or organisation.


Entries are open to all and a supporting reference from a client, customer, manager, or other relevant stakeholder will be required.

International Risk Initiative of the Year

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This award recognises effective risk management across multiple global locations.  

The judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of a strategic approach to managing risks across geographical locations.
  • Evidence of how culture, values and employer brand are applied to different regions.
  • Knowledge sharing across countries.


Entries are open to all and can be submitted by individuals, teams and organisations. A supporting reference from a client, customer, manager, or other relevant stakeholder will be required.

SME Risk Initiative of the Year

This award recognises small and medium-sized businesses (fewer than 250 employees) that have transformed the way they manage risks in support of their business objectives.

Judges will be looking for:

  • How your approach to managing risks has changed.
  • How you overcame any barriers or challenges.
  • What makes your initiative stand out and how you have been innovative.
  • Evidence that the changes made have directly brought benefits to your people and organisation.


Entries are open to all and can be submitted by individuals, teams and organisations. A supporting reference from a client, customer, manager, or other relevant stakeholder will be required.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy of the Year

This award recognises employers which have a clear health and wellbeing strategy that is both preventative and proactive in approach, and is at the centre of the organisation.

The judges will be looking for:

  • A strategy that focuses on both physical and mental health wellbeing.
  • How leadership has driven the strategy across the organisation.
  • How the strategy has been effectively integrated within day to day operations.
  • Quantifiable performance improvements.


Entries are open to all and can be submitted by individuals, teams and organisations. A supporting reference from a client, customer, manager, or other relevant stakeholder will be required.

Change Programme of the Year (new to 2019)

This award recognises a team or organisation that has achieved a common objective through effectively managing risks and opportunities to successfully implement a programme. Some or all of the benefits need to have been achieved during the last year.

The judges are looking for:

  • How leadership has driven the programme across the organisation or division.
  • Evidence of the benefits created by the programme and how these have been successfully integrated into the organisation or division.
  • How proactively risks were overcome and opportunities maximised during the period of the programme and what were the outcomes.


Entries are open to all and can be submitted by individuals, teams and organisations. A supporting reference from a client, customer, manager, or other relevant stakeholder will be required.

John Bennett Award – Exceptional Young Person of the Year

John Bennett was Chairman of IIRSM from 1996 to 1999 and was instrumental in the growth of the Institute having joined the Board of Governors in 1990.  He was Honorary Life President until his death in May 2015.  Recognising young talent was particularly close to John’s heart and the recipient of this award will be an apprentice or young risk or safety professional.   

Award criteria

Open to under 35s from IIRSM membership and the wider risk, safety and business community.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate dedication over and above what is expected of them, and can show how they made a positive impact on an organisation or team to improve its culture and operational performance through risk or safety management. 

Judges will be looking for individuals who:

  • Demonstrate how they use their initiative to implement new solutions to meet organisational needs.
  • Use innovative approaches to their work.
  • Quantify the impact of their contributions to work.
  • Demonstrate exceptional teamwork and collaboration working beyond silos in an effective way.
  • Demonstrate excellence in execution.


Entries can be submitted through self-nomination or an applicant can be nominated by a mentor, client, supplier, customer, colleague or manager. If submitting a self-nomination entry, it must include a supporting reference from either a mentor, client, customer, colleague or manager.

Mentor of the Year (new to 2019)

This award recognises outstanding mentors who have actively participated in the IIRSM or similar mentoring programmes, or are just individuals who proactively mentor others. The award acknowledges the time, dedication and contribution made to the advancement of his or her mentee and creating a successful mentor/mentee relationship.

The judges will be looking for:

  • How sound advice and valuable information has been shared with their mentee to help advance and develop the mentee’s own career path.
  • How the mentor has generously shared their valuable time and been accessible to their mentee and how they have imparted guidance and expertise to support, critique and help find solutions to the mentee’s objectives/challenges they are seeking help to overcome.
  • Overall, how valuable has the mentee found the relationship with their mentor.


To nominate your mentor please provide details using the criteria above.

IIRSM President’s Commendation

IIRSM’s President’s Commendation recognises a member or leading industry risk professional who has made a major contribution to the advancement of risk management or provided exceptional support to IIRSM and/or its membership, the profession or wider society.

Nominations can be submitted to IIRSM setting out in no more than one page of A4, why somebody should be awarded the IIRSM President’s commendation.


A shortlist of nominations will be presented to the IIRSM Council with their supporting statements.  The Council will choose a winner who will be invited to attend the IIRSM Awards Dinner to collect the award. 


The awards are open to all and are free to enter.  Entries should be no more than two sides of A4, plus a maximum one side of A4 for any supporting references. Nominations will be shortlisted by an independent Awards Judging Panel and winners will be announced at the IIRSM’s Awards Dinner.

If you are successfully shortlisted, you will be required to provide us with your company logo to be used on our website and in relevant pre and post marketing activities.

How to submit your entry

Stage 1 – Complete the expression of interest application form (see below)

Read all essential information (T&C, judging criteria, key dates) and complete the expression of interest downloadable application form. Email it to Holly Mulvihill-Clark on to confirm your intention of submitting an entry.

Stage 2 – How to submit your entry

Submit your entry application form by email to Holly Mulvihill-Clark at no later than 4pm on 28 February 2019. An email confirmation will be sent to confirm receipt of your entry within 24 hours. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact Holly.

Stage 3 – Judging timetable and process

The judging process will be held during March 2019. Judges will not know the identity of the participant until award decisions have been made.

Stage 4 – Shortlist of finalists announced

The shortlist of finalists will be announced on the IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards website page on 25 March 2019 and all those who are shortlisted will also receive an email confirmation.

Stage 5 - Winners announced

Winners will be announced at the IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards Dinner in London on 22 May 2019.


Awards open 1 November 2018
Awards entry deadline 28 February 2019
Finalists announced 25 March 2019
Awards dinner 22 May 2019



2019 judges to be announced shortly.














These are the terms and conditions to enter the IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards. Please read carefully prior to submitting your application.

Making your entry
  • You must submit your entry following the process set out on the awards pages and set out in these terms and conditions.
  • We will not accept responsibility for any entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit, regardless of cause. For the avoidance of doubt, proof of posting or transmission of a lost or delayed entry will not be accepted as a valid or alternative entry.
  • Our acceptance of your entry will take place when we accept your entry in writing.
  • When we accept your entry, it will be subject to the awards terms and conditions.
Eligibility to enter and judging
  • The awards are open to entrants that fulfill the entry criteria set out on the awards pages.
  • Any material supplied in support of your entry must be your original work. We will not accept an entry that contains work which does not belong to you, has been plagiarised, includes intellectual property belonging to somebody else or has had a complaint of any nature upheld against it.
  • Entries will be judged by a panel of judges. 
  • The judges will consider your entry on its merits and solely on the basis of the information you provide. The decision of the judges is final and we will not enter into any discussion with you nor will we accept any appeals with regard to such decision. We reserve the right not to award any particular award in any given category if submissions are not deemed acceptable.
  • Your entry and any supporting documentation will not be considered confidential information unless you have clearly identified it as ‘Confidential’ and you agree that we can use the information (or parts of the information) contained in your entry for publicity purposes or in any other form of media for the purposes of promoting the awards.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree your company logo can be used in publicity materials for the awards.
Data protection

If you provide personal data as part of your entry and registration to attend the awards dinner, you agree that you are the Data Controller and we are the Data Processor of such data. You undertake that:

  • You comply with all applicable laws in respect of such personal data.
  • You have all permissions, consents and approvals of data subjects to provide their respective personal data to us to allow us to process such personal data in the course of meeting our obligations under the awards terms and conditions.
  • You shall not or omit to do anything which causes us to breach any applicable laws or contravene the terms of our conditions or authorisation under Privacy and Data Protection Requirements.
  • Any personal data provided shall be up to date, accurate and complete.
  • If you breach the data protection clause, this entitles us in writing to immediately reject your submission or attendance at the awards dinner.
Attending the awards dinner
  • If you wish to attend the awards dinner or, as an organisation would like to bring guests/attendees, then you will need to register separately to attend.
  • To register to attend the awards dinner, you will need to complete the online registration form, which can be found on the awards pages. We will process your booking as soon as possible.
  • Your registration is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation setting out joining instructions. If you do not receive our email confirmation within 24 hours of submitting your registration form, please contact us at the email address on the awards pages as soon as possible before the dinner. It is your responsibility to update us of any changes to your contact details to ensure you receive all required communication from us.
  • If you require any special requirements due to a disability, food allergies, diet, or for any other reason, please email us at the address on the awards pages as soon as possible, and no less than 7 working days before the awards dinner. Where you inform us of a special requirement less than 7 days before the awards dinner you understand it may not be possible to accommodate it, or it may incur an additional charge.
  • The host of any corporate tables is responsible for informing us of any special requirements for any of their guests. Again, the timescales above must be met.
  • You must comply with the rules and regulations governing the venue including dress code and rules of entry. If you bring property to the venue, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  • Attendees must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the awards dinner.
  • We are not responsible for any offence caused by any presenters or entertainment at the awards dinner.
  • You are required to make your own arrangements for transport, and of any guests, to the venue. We are not responsible for any non-attendance due to failure of transport.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person whom we consider in our discretion to be unsuitable for admission or to remove anyone from the event. In any such case, no refund of fees paid will be given.
Fees and making payment
  • We shall raise an invoice for fees payable and payment is due on the date of that invoice. In any event, payment must be made before the awards dinner otherwise we reserve the right to refuse entry (this will not relieve you from paying the invoice).
  • Covering any bank transfer charges are your responsibility.
  • All invoices payable by you are subject to any applicable tax, levy or similar governmental charge.
  • We reserve the right to cancel (a) your entry, and/or (b) the registration of your attendance or attendees prior to the awards dinner. If we do not exercise our rights of cancellation prior to the awards dinner, attendees whose attendance fee has not been paid by the date of the awards dinner shall be required to pay on-site in order to gain entry.
  • All costs and expenses incurred by us (including legal costs and expenses) in recovering sums due under an unpaid invoice shall be recoverable from you.
Cancellations, withdrawals and changes
  • We reserve the right to cancel, postpone or move the awards dinner to another venue or to change any other aspect of the awards dinner at our discretion for any reason whatsoever. However, we will notify you promptly if the change relates to a change of venue or material change in timing. For the avoidance of doubt, such a change shall not entitle you to not adhere to the awards terms and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to change the awards dinner presenter or any other performers and do not guarantee the attendance of any particular guest.
  • Any discounts or offers advertised for the awards dinner (such as "Early Bird" offers) may be time limited and/or subject to availability.
  • Where we cancel an awards dinner we will refund any attendance fees paid, and we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of such cancellation. We are not liable to pay any travel, accommodation or subsistence costs incurred in attending the awards dinner.
  • If you wish to withdraw your entry, you must email us at the address set out on the awards pages. Where you withdraw your entry more than 14 days after registration to attend the awards dinner, or on or after the closing date for awards entry (whichever is earlier) there will be no refund.
  • If you wish to cancel your attendance at the awards dinner you must email us at the address set out on the awards pages as soon as possible. If you cancel 20 or more days before the awards dinner we will refund your attendance fee in full, though we reserve the right to retain an administration fee. Where you cancel less than 20 days before the awards dinner there will be no refund.
  • If you cancel a booking or withdraw your entry and there are outstanding payments you may be liable for payment of the full attendance fee as appropriate, or cover the costs incurred in promoting your entry as short-listed depending on the date and time of the cancellation.
  • If you (or if any of the attendees you booked) cannot attend the awards dinner we may allow a substitute attendee at our discretion, provided the request is made no later than 72 hours prior to the awards dinner. Any such request must be made by email to the address set out on the awards pages and should include the name of the attendee who will not be attending and the full name of the substitute, including their job title, organisation and contact details. If the substitute delegate has differing requirements (e.g. dietary) from the original, we may not be able to accommodate these if the request is received later than 72 hours or an additional charge may be incurred.
  • Neither you nor us shall exclude or limit our liability for (a) death or personal injury caused by negligence, (b) fraud and/or fraudulent misrepresentation
  • You shall fully and effectively indemnify and hold harmless us against all losses, actions, costs (including legal fees and disbursements on a solicitor/client basis), claims, demands, fines, damages and liabilities, of whatever nature, incurred or suffered by or made against us, whether or not foreseeable, arising directly or indirectly, wholly or in part, out of or in connection with:

           Any breach of these terms and condition by you; and

           Any acts or omissions of yourself, your employees, agents, contractors, visitors, attendees and/or guests at the venue arising out of or in connection with the awards dinner and/or the venue.

  • Under these terms and conditions, our maximum aggregate liability to you (whether arising in contract, tort, negligence, statutory duty or otherwise) shall not exceed the fees you paid to us.
  • We shall not be liable to you for any delay or failure to perform hereunder due to a natural disaster, actions or decrees of governmental bodies, any curtailment to or cancellation of public transport, strikes or walkouts, acts or threats of terrorism or civil unrest, or communications line failure which (a) hinders, delays or prevents us in performing any of our obligations, (b) is beyond our control of without our fault or negligence, and (c) by the exercise of reasonable diligence we are unable to prevent or provide against ("Force Majeure Event").  In such circumstances we reserve the right not to refund your registration fees and advise that insurance should be taken to cover such eventualities. A Force Majeure Event shall not entitle you to delay payment of any sums under the awards terms and conditions. You are responsible for making your own way to the venue for the event, and you shall remain liable for all payments under these terms and conditions irrespective of any failure of transport or other reason why you are unable to attend the conference.
  • You agree that we shall be entitled to refer to you as a client in sales and marketing literature (including websites) and reproduce your prevailing logo or trade mark for that sole purpose.
  • During the awards dinner we may be shoot video footage and take photographs of the awards dinner which may include video footage and photographs of you and/or your booked attendees. You agree (and confirm that you have procured agreement of your booked attendees) to yours and/or their inclusion in such video footage and photographs and we have the right to use such video footage and photographs in our marketing, publicity and advertising activities and materials.
  • Any disputes under these terms and conditions, or claim arising out of or in connection with them, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Our inaugural Risk Excellence Awards have proved extremely popular among the membership and wider risk and safety community. It has been a real pleasure celebrating their achievements, and we congratulate all winners, highly commended and finalists for their exceptional hard work, and the invaluable contribution you all make to your organisations, profession and society at large.

What our winners said


"We are delighted to have won this prestigious award and will continue to push the health and wellbeing agenda with all our staff, contractors and service partners." - Olivia Lynch, Health, Safety & Security Manager, Landsec. Winner of the Best Health and Wellbeing Strategy


"I was really happy and ecstatic. I have never been at such a high-end event. I was very nervous and humble because I knew I was surrounded by the most experienced professionals involved in risk management. To me, winning was n achievement highlighting all the hard work and everlasting efforts we have done as a team to improve health and safety standards." - Louis Simo, Health and Safety Assistant, Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd. Winner of the John Bennett Award - Exceptional Young Person of the Year.


"It was an opportunity too good to miss. As soon as we were made aware that the IIRSM were holding their inaugural Risk Excellence Awards, we wanted to be there. Power Electrics is a forward thinking organisation, so what better way to showcase our safety record than make an attempt at these prestigious awards. Actually making the final for the Best SME Risk Initiative was a massive achievement for us, and demonstrated to our peers that all hard work had been recognised.  Actually winning the SME Risk Initiative was the icing on the cake.

Winning our category would not have been possible without having a workforce that continues to be proactively engaged in risk management." - Brett Mann, EHS&Q Director, Power Electrics (Bristol) Ltd. Winner of the Best SME Risk Inititiative


"I am so pleased to have received this award on behalf of a truly passionate and business-changing initiative which has undoubtedly reduced risks and saved lives, making Vesuvius a safety-conscious business, enabling improved risk reduction globally. Both honoured and humbled to be the first recipient and keen to give back to both the IIRSM and other business challenges which could benefit from these achievements. These Awards are a big step forward as they recognise excellence from a range of diverse and varied backgrounds. We can use these to further benefit members and companies from being a part of the wonderful institution and “family of friends” I believe the IIRSM is. Thank you so much." - Hugh Maxwell, Formally HSE Director at Vesuvius. Winner of the Best International Risk Initiative


Please view our winners and finalists here.





The Awards Dinner is taking place on 22 May 2019 at Church House, Westminster, London.

Drinks Reception 7.15pm
Dinner 8pm
After Dinner Speaker 9.15pm
Awards 9.45pm
Cash Bar 11pm